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Testing of software is now a major concern for most of the software manufacturers or developers. Due to high user expectations and stiff competition in the market, it is impossible to overlook this aspect. There are countless tools for testing available in the market and among all these Jmeter Testing is a renowned one. BlazeMeter who is the provider of this popular Apache Jmeter Testing has now released a new load testing feature named Real-Time Properties Control.

It is speculated that the new feature will offer great control for performance testing just like Jmeter Performance Testing. This is a promising feature and highly functional for the engineers for conducting flawless tests. Real-Time Properties Control will also have the ability to update properties from their own Jmeter scripts in real run time. This is a great advantage indeed and will ensure that software is totally robust and secure.

While test professionals believe in regular testing of software to keep pace with the new technological advance and new developments in the form of arrival of new browsers, new handsets and platforms, the new load testing feature seems to eliminate all the worries of the software manufacturing companies in a single go! The results can be more precise and this will add to the credibility of the software in a major way.

Features of Real-Time Properties Control

Below are some of the features of the real-time properties control. It should be noted that this comes as a replacement for the Adaptive Load Scenario feature.

  • Push Properties – These updates the value of a property
  • Pull Properties – These uses to display the present property value
  • View All – These are used to dump information of various types from the server

The new feature is very beneficial as it allows the users to implement as well as adjust some scenarios like gradual load, stress encountered by a software and endurance in real time to get the best testing results. The performance limit of software can be judged best by the new feature launched by BlazeMeter Enterprise. The performance bottlenecks are easy to identify and eliminate with Real –Time properties control. Be it websites or mobile apps, the new feature is sure going to be a favorite among the testers just like performance testing with jmeter to ensure an error-free power packed software.

In many ways, in fact it will complement the bright features of Jmeter functional testing in the entire testing procedure. The prospects are looking quite bright and it may bowl over the testers of leading software testing companies soon with its various functional advantages.

It must be noted that BlazeMeter is basically a load testing platform for both web and mobile. It is highly reliable and acknowledged for it’s out of the box solutions and marvelous performance in testing. It simplifies the entire procedure of performance testing by offering easy integration and advanced scripting services for the developers. The sophisticated analysis of test results and interactive reporting in real time has established BlazeMeter as the numero uno in the industry regarding software testing. It ably handles multiple load tests at a single point of time and this really helps users to locate the bottlenecks as quick as possible.

Until now, most of the testing professionals prefer Jmeter functional testing, but it seems the Real-Time Properties Control will woo them like no one with its brilliant features. BlazeMeter Enterprise has always introduced path breaking features for testing like Jmeter Testing and this time too, the company has done some commendable job. With a strong base of more than 10,000 users, BlazeMeter is used by users of all sectors like retail, banking, media, government agencies and many more to say.

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