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Mobile Automation Testing

Automation testing for mobile is now a common norm. This is preferred over manual testing which is very time consuming and cumbersome. Mobile Testing Automation is now conducted by most of the software testing companies all over the world.

KiwiQA offers excellent Mobile Test Automation services. Cutting edge testing tools are employed for this purpose to ensure a comprehensive solution as we believe that to have a successful automation test, selection of right tool is equally important. Moreover, software testing with KiwiQA is competitive in its price.

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Most of the people now use mobiles for communication and for a host of other reasons like entertainment, getting access to latest news, playing games etc. As web access is more by the use of mobile phones like never before, we emphasis on Mobile Test Automation.  There are thousands of web as well as mobile applications that need testing in order to ensure a better usability and good performance. We do the same with the following steps.

  • First the objectives are clearly specified to build a strategy accordingly
  • Test data is identified along with the test cases that align with the objectives
  • Testing cycle is completed and automation is created on a sample device
  • A detailed framework is created for conducting Mobile automation testing across multiple platforms
  • Automation process is executed and defects are identified
  • Identified defects are resolved and metric management is done
  • Improvement of the process along with monitoring

Advantages of Mobile Automation Testing @ KiwiQA

Mobile automation testing comes with a host of advantages with KiwiQA. A substantial monetary part gets saved with the remarkable mobile automation testing services with us. This is more so because manual testing involves more cost. Our testing services also offer support for all the popular platforms currently popular in the industry in this domain.

Uninterrupted monitoring is the other advantage that is hard to ignore as this proves very beneficial for testing and ensuring error-free software.

KiwiQA boasts of a team of skilled professionals who believes in understanding the client specified needs. Because of this reason, software testing with KiwiQA is becoming popular among its worldwide clients and has emerged as the most favorite destination of software development companies. To know about our other services or to ask a quote about Mobile Test Automation, call us at + (91)-079-400-683-14. You can also mail us at

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