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The fast growing technology and widespread modernization of engineering have made office tasks simplified and have also pacified the work rate which was rather very slow if done manually. Now every office or business organizations effectively incorporate various software which comes handy in almost every situation. The software has now become an indispensable part in the corporate world and without software one cannot imagine his daily life too.

The circuitry of the large mainframe computers has been reduced considerably to a convenient size so that it can be installed even in a small place. The hardware and software components have been modified and engineered well to meet the corporate demands. Out of them software is the vital part and on a same hardware various kinds of software with varied functional operations can be run. Thus it is software which is continually being modernized and innovated. Like other countries, India too is highly dependent on software for any kind of office tasks.

Since software is inevitable for any work involving the computer, care should be taken of the machine security when installing some software especially when obtained from any unknown vendor. Experts suggest that one should seek software testing services from any authentic and reliable software testing company, which will ensure the security of the machine in advance.

India is a huge country with a massive population. Inevitably every citizen’s data are intact in the soft copies of the Government. These important data are vulnerable if any new software is installed without proper testing. In this regard JMETER Performance Testing is an important and convenient mechanism of ensuring security to the computer by testing the software in advance. The special features include:

  • Performance test can be conducted on Web-HTTP, HTTPS
  • Native commands or shell scripts
  • It is a JAVA based, which is one of the most useful and latest object oriented programming language
  • Complete portability is achieved
  • Guided User Interface makes it convenient for the users and an ease of usage is achieved.
  • And Various Other

JMETER testing is nothing but a performance check to simulate load on server, network or object to test its strength and functionality. This JMETER is a desktop application that is an open source software based on JAVA. Initially it was used for testing web applications but due to its flexibility, it is incorporated in other works too.

KiwiQA can be regarded as a software testing company that serves India too. They possess excellence in their skill for testing software and deliver results unlike any other software testing company India.

Prevention is better than cure so it is better to count on KiwiQA Software Test to ensure safety and security of the computer in advance. A proper performance test automation is also done by them that deserves admiration and ultimately wonderful customer satisfaction.

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