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Compatibility Testing

Compatibility is now very crucial for the survival and retaining your customer base. At KiwiQA, our compatibility testing services ensures that your hardware device, website, web or mobile application run smoothly without any errors. Our skilled testing professionals verify the compatibility aspect of your application across multiple browsers and operating systems by impeccable Compatibility Services. We believe in a continual process of upgrading our existing skills for offering guaranteed results to our clients.

During software compatibility testing, our focus remains on evaluating the compatibility aspect of your software in respect to different browsers, devices, operating systems, etc. It is surprising that even in an era of technological advancement, there are many users who use non-standard browsers. Your website must run perfectly on these browsers.


Whats the need for Compatibility Testing?

Your customers use different types of operating system, servers, computer peripherals and browsers. The great variation in all these can severely impact the behavior of your software products. This can in turn result into embarrassing bugs and inconsistency in presentation or layout. The expectations of users are high and the market is very competitive where such an error leads to heavy monetary loss. Our expert team of professionals test for the compatibility of your software products in a real-time environment and saves you from any such future problems.

Compatibility Testing, compatibility test

Types of Compatibility Testing

We are living in a technology driven world. Here, information is exchanged at a rapid rate and we need to work.

Configuration Testing

If you have had the problems with installing or running your company’s computers for a long time since installation,

Cross- Browser Testing

Testing of any software related functions has been one of the main goals focused by us, for many years now.

Embedded Application Testing

Embedded application testing is a sophisticated task and requires highly skilled engineers to accomplish.

Compatibility Testing, compatibility test

Multi-Platform Testing

Today, it is very important to have the software applications interoperable as now most of the users.

An insight of our Compatibility Testing Procedure

We, at KiwiQA, offer unmatched Compatibility Services to our esteemed clients. Our work approach is client-friendly and in compliance with the industry standards. We conduct testing keeping in mind the current market scenario and testing strategies. With the right set of resources and skill set, KiwiQA professionals are the best to identify and rectify the weakest links of your software.

Our team of experts possesses a profound knowledge of the common set of bugs and differences in various web browsers. Our compatibility testing procedure has the following essential steps.

  • Identification of the key compatibility issues of your software product
  • Development of a proficient test plan for compatibility testing
  • Allocation of resources required for testing phase
  • Execution of the test plan across a matrix of platforms, devices, operating systems
  • Regular update of the entire proceedings
  • Rectification of the bugs and compatibility issues
  • Final project review and sign off

Benefits of hiring our Compatibility Services

There are a number of advantages that are luctrative enough to hire our compatibility services. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • More improved product
  • Enhanced user satisfaction
  • Improved sale figures
  • No recurring costs
  • Boost in company reputation

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