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We provide the most enhanced and latest technology in the embedded application testing domain to make you thrive well.

A Complete Solution For Your Embedded Application Testing

Embedded application testing is a sophisticated task and requires highly skilled engineers to accomplish the testing in an impeccable manner. At KiwiQA, our focus remains on providing complete client satisfaction and this is done by offering a host of services at affordable rates. Apart from providing other testing services like usability testing, compatibility testing, we also excel in embedded software testing. Our testing process includes a series of close monitored test sequences so that any ambiguities can be ruled out immediately. We have a range of solutions for your problems regarding your embedded software and we do this with a certain panache.

Difficulties Overcomed By Our Embedded Testing:

There are some traits of embedded softwares that make the task of embedded testing a hardship for most of the engineers or testers. Some of these are real time responses, deficiency in standardization and established interfaces etc. Although, testing embedded software is a herculean task, we perform this with complete flawlessness. We successfully identify and isolate defects from softwares so that there will be no need of multiple revisions of the product. Moreover, the cost of fixing defects is also skyrocketing. But at KiwiQA, we offer embedded software testing services at a nominal rate to our esteemed clients.

End-To-End Embedded System Testing Services:

Embedded testing has a plethora of similarities with testing of operating systems but the sole difference lies in the fact that embedded applications possess unique characteristics. At KiwiQA, we offer end-to-end services for any embedded software test and always follow a holistic approach to perform well as per the highest industry standards. Embedded application testing done at KiwiQA includes a series of services as a part of our embedded system testing:

  • Interface Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Functionality Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Test Plan

We believe in serving our clients with excellence. We resolve all the problems associated with embedded systems and also save a considerable amount of time and money. As embedded software testing application is a no-nonsense task, we develop our test plan accordingly that too with our proven methodology and effective testing tools. So, contact us and we will be at your service.

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