Engagement Model

Our engagement model is designed to be robust, strong and dynamic enough to be able to handle all kinds of situations.

Engagement Model

Engagement Model, software testing company

Most of the companies are now outsourcing the task of testing and we know that it often comes with a lot of apprehensions. In outsourcing, as your physical presence is not even remotely require, it is essential to have a model that can meet your needs or business requirements in a well manner. At KiwiQA, we offer multiple engagement models to address your challenges in a brilliant way as your complete satisfaction and convenience is always our prime concern.

Our engagement model is modular and is designed in such a way that it reflects our passion and work culture as well as aims to understand your needs on a priority basis. Our engagements are the following ones.

Pilot Project – You can know about our competence level in the task of testing by assigning us a pilot project. The duration of the project should be twenty hours or less than twenty hours. This model is great for those who are hiring a testing company for outsourcing their tasks for the first time. By this, a client can get an insight of our skilled team and our knowledge in the field of testing before relying on us for completing bigger tasks in the future.

Quality Testing Services (QTaS) – Here, we offer quality assurance at a fixed price. Software development is a task full of complexities and it is not therefore strange that it often arrives with some clinches. At KiwiQA, quality assurance is provided as a service by our team of experienced and dedicated engineers who quite meticulously develop the test plans to carry out the task of testing with perfection.

Quick Start – Time is money and we are firm believers of this truth. At KiwiQA, we are just a mail away from our clients. Sometimes it happens that some companies seek an independent test report as it is unbiased. To respond in time and to start testing work should be therefore speedy to reduce the time to market of the software.

Pilot Project

For the companies who are outsourcing their projects for the first time, there can be a lot of confusion and apprehension as work.

Quality Testing as Services

Software development is a complex task and often comes with some errors in spite of the best of efforts by the development team.

Quick Start

We value time and therefore maintain an easy entry mechanism to help people to get in touch with us and place orders.

Whether the project is complex or simple, our engagement model is applicable in each case and finds its usability as well as relevance. You can choose any of the three engagement model as per your suitability and give us a chance to serve you.

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