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For better performing in load and performance testing you have to hire well known software testing company for quick and perfect solutions.

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Getting tested your website or software application is very crucial to yield quality products. There are different types of testing that software developers opt for and among these, one of the most essential is the performance testing. In a broader sense, this covers many other tests. Load and performance testing at KiwiQA ensures smooth functionality of a system. Our experienced engineers are excellent in determining the responsiveness and scalability of any given system under some particular workload or stress.

Performance testing also covers load testing, stress testing, volume testing, reliability testing etc. During a load test, our engineers test a system that whether it can perform well or not when subjected to an increase in load. The load is applied to a certain threshold limit for a given duration. The ultimate goal of load and performance testing remains in detecting the errors and to analyze the system behavior at large.

Why Load and Performance Testing?

It is important to have performance testing due to a number of reasons as each of the tests has its own significance to ensure a quality software product. Firstly, poor performance by a software application not only irks customers, but also brings bad reputation to the software development company. This in turn affects sales and cause additional cost for re-development. The market is fiercely competitive. So, better than taking a chance, it is best to ensure performance of software application by subjecting it to load and performance testing under apt test environment.

Our Load and Performance Testing Tools

There are a variety of tools employed by the engineers at KiwiQA for load and performance testing. Some of these are the following ones.

  • Apache JMeter
  • LoadRunner
  • NeoLoad
  • WebLOAD
  • LoadImpact
  • Rational Performance Tester
  • QEngine (ManageEngine)
  • CloudTest
load testing, load test

Load Testing

Load testing is an important aspect of software testing and can’t be ignored. The basic motive to do a load test is to check how

performance testing

Performance Testing

Much emphasis is now given by all software companies to undergo a Performance Testing before launching them in the market

stress testing, stress test, software stress testing

Stress Testing

Stress testing is defined as the process by which, the software is tested according to the factor of how much stress or capacity

Advantages of Load and Performance Testing with us:

At KiwiQA, our engineers work in a diligent manner to carry out the whole testing task with certain panache. Our services are extremely reliable, reasonable and result-oriented. Some of the advantages of hiring us are highlighted below.

  • Significant reduction from any kind of downtime risks
  • Identification of the bottlenecks that hamper good performance
  • Increased satisfaction level of the end user
  • Creation of system benchmarks that prove handy in the development phase
  • Elimination of performance related risks
  • Availability of tangible statistics
  • Reduction in costs incurred due to software failure
  • Improved quality deployment
  • Maximized funds for marketing campaign

Today, there are many software development companies that are outsourcing these testing services in order to get an unbiased result. KiwiQA is a well-known name for conducting load and performance testing with all the requisite resources. Our engineers have a thorough knowledge of creating test scripts, execution of test scripts, identification of defects and understanding of existing complexities of performance testing.?

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