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The task of mobile automation testing is done with utmost sincerity to ensure that quality is never compromised at all.

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Today, most of the companies are opting for an Automated Testing on Mobile. This is because manual testing consumes too much time. We, at KiwiQA, offer superb Mobile Test Automation services to our clients using the cutting edge mobile automation testing tools. We ensure to provide a comprehensive testing solution by using Automate mobile app testing in the most cost effective manner.


Know About Our Mobile Testing Automation Process:

Many people access web through their mobile apps and so web app testing is now a crucial factor in deciding the usability and performance of a mobile phone. We employ sophisticated tools for Automate mobile app testing so that there can be left no room for any kind of ambiguities. Here, we are discussing the process that we follow for our Mobile App Automation Testing in a brief manner.

  • Objectives are defined precisely and then strategy for the functional test automation is laid.
  • Creating a detailed framework so that testing can be done automatically across different platforms.
  • After the successful testing cycle, create automation on one sample device.
  • Identification of the most appropriate test data and test cases
  • Execution of the actual automation process
  • Identification of defects and resolving those issues
  • Metric management, process improvement and monitoring

Benefits Of Our Mobile Automation Testing Services:
There are many benefits of our above mentioned services apart from time saving. Some of the significant advantages of our Mobile Automation Testing services are listed below.

  • Saving a considerable amount of cost incurred on manual mobile testing
  • Proving support for all the platforms that are popular in the mobile industry
  • Enhanced coverage across wide ranging devices on any platform
  • Uninterrupted monitoring of all the already installed systems

Benefits Of Customize Mobile Test Automation Framework:

  • Offering a mobile automation using open source solution (selenium + Appium).
  • It provides cross platform solution(java/c#) for Automate native ,hybrid and mobile web Application(iOS /Android)
  • Maven capability for build.
  • Screenshots capability on failure of test case.
  • Capability to execute test on multiple instance using selenium grid structure.
  • Customize report generation for test suite.
  • Test same application the submitted on market place(play store/app store).
  • Capable to execute test cases on real devices as well as cloud.

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