Pilot Project

Our pilot project is carried out with exquisiteness to ensure that are a success before they are adapted on a commercial basis.

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Pilot Project

For the companies who are outsourcing their projects for the first time, there can be a lot of confusion and apprehension as work supervision seems difficult. However, with KiwiQA, this is not the case as we truly believe that trust is the most driving factor in such outsourced projects. You can know about our competence level in the task of testing by assigning us a pilot project. Just be sure that the duration of the project should not be more than twenty hours. This alternative proves immense beneficial as by this you can get a firsthand experience of our work and efficiency of our team members.

Aim Of The Pilot Project:

Here is an insight of the aims of a pilot project so that you can be better equipped to assign us a project.

  • To help you to know our expertise level and skill set
  • To let you know about our efficiency in detecting bugs and fixing of them in the shortest possible duration
  • To help you to judge the proficiency level our team
  • To introduce to our exemplary professionalism and our dedication of adhering with the strictest timeline

Our Schedule For Pilot Project:

We believe in doing every task with certain panache as it does not make a much difference that whether it is a big one or a miniscule one. So the first scheduled task for a pilot project for is analyzing the project. This helps us to get to know about the equipments and testing tools necessary to set up the project infrastructure. Next comes the actual setting of infrastructure and the task of testing. This is followed by reporting of bugs and a generation of test report.

Pilot Project is a wonderful opportunities for companies who are seeking long term collaboration and trust. At KiwiQA, you will get all these elements and excellent services for your projects. Timely delivery and excellent communication are the key aspects of our working culture.

Just leave all worries behind and place an order. You will get delighted by our professionalism and sincerity towards any assigned task.

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