Quick Start

Quick start is a process that we incorporate in our procedures to ensure that all procedures are started in a foolproof manner.

Post an Inquiry

We value time and therefore maintain an easy entry mechanism to help people to get in touch with us and place orders. Sometimes, software is needed to be test just before venturing into the market and so we deliver speedy testing reports. In our quick start model, potential clients have the facility to contact us through any convenient means like email, mobile or by Skype. As we never make any differentiation between any assigned tasks on basis of its volume, a client will most likely get a positive response within a few hours.

Task Approach

Once we receive a request, we follow the below mentioned steps to carry out the scheduled task.

  • Project analysis and information collection so that each and every aspect of the project can be well understood in advance.
  • Obtaining the required project documentation and an agreement for easy exchange of information (confidential if any)
  • Project is evaluated thoroughly and then a detailed proposal is finalized
  • Sending of the proposal containing the phases of the project and a quotation for the same
  • Further discussions and signing a contact

Advantages Of Quick Start Model

There are several advantage if this model and hence is preferred by many industry leaders as well as small sized software development companies. Some of the advantages are including but not limited to the following ones.

    • Time saving
    • Adds to credibility
    • Getting an unbiased report

Many times, it comes necessary to have a test report during the last hour to ensure that all the usability and compatibility issues detected in the previous testing are now no more in existence. Outsourcing with us gives you a great credible test report and assurance of your quality. It also relieves you from wasting your time in holding meetings as with us only a mail or phone call is enough to start a task. In case of any emergency situation, such a quick response proves to be a boon for software development companies where every single hour costs much to a company if the product gets delayed for the market due to some clinches or errors.

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