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Reliability Testing: Testing On Your Software’s Validity

The term reliability testing signifies in the world of software engineering and maintenance, is that particular software is tested so as to confirm the genuine working of the software and its lifespan. According to the technical description regarding this, a product reliability testing signifies that a software is tested under certain competitive conditions, which will determine the usage and free flow working of the software products indigenously. We, at KiwiQA, are proud to announce our customers that we are one of the leaders in the world of software testing and maintenance and experts at providing reliability testing services.

Checking Software’s Reliability:‎

We, at KiwiQA, over the years have been constantly focused on various indigenous methodologies regarding software progression and development for our clients. Today, we are proud to announce that we have won the hearts and belief of our clients. With their full fledged support and trust, we have been a unit with a lot of trust and progression in our job of designing and maintenance of software.

Reliability testing has been a truly successful venture by us, and we are lucky to get a good research team and engineers dealing with the product features of any software designed by us.

Like any other software testing process, KiwiQA as like always, have featured different process of software testing process. Here are the features and methods of different software reliability testing:

  • Feature Test: Feature test involves 3 different parts, one being the one time filter tests, the next being the interaction test between two operations. The last one being the execution testing which involves in rechecking the execution of the software after first two tests gets over.
  • Load Test: Load test is another important form of reliability testing, as here the software is generally put through a series of high workload or high resource containing process. The motive of the test is to signify and exam about the work capacity of the software on how much work load can it contain at a given period of time.
  • Regression Test: This test is a final part of reliability testing, and is performed to check any presence of bug in the whole test process.

Software is thoroughly tested by us before we supply them to our main clients, thus feel free to enroll with us at

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