We offer retail industry solutions to our clients in order to make their work easy and incorporate sophisticated changes.

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Boost Your Business By Employing Exemplary Retail Software Testing

The retail sector has witness a tremendous growth in the 21st century and this is likely to be continued in the near future also. Markets are changing and with this, the mindsets of consumers. So, it becomes very important for the retail sector to come with innovative ideas that comply with the new use of technology in selling and buying. Many people are now doing the purchasing via an online mode instead of stepping out of their home to visit a retail store and are using mobile or computers to access the web.

This trend is likely to get increased due to fast paced lifestyle. KiwiQA not only acknowledge this changing trend but also offer Software Testing for Retail to make possible for the retailers to engage with their customers in a better way never experienced before. We have a proven track record of considerable command in Retail software testing that reduces any lapse of functionality of the software significantly.

Our Testings For The Retail Sector:

Some of the types of Retail Application Testing available at KiwiQA are the following ones.

  • Compliance testing
  • RFID testing
  • POS testing
  • Security testing
  • SOAT (System Operation Acceptance Testing
  • Functional, regression, performance testing
  • Device testing
  • Test process consulting

Our Testing Approach In Retail:

KiwiQA is a well known IT company and has years of experience in Retail software testing. We have the desired talent pool of skilled testers with expertise in this domain of testing. Our services depend entirely on the needs of our clients with a focused approach to cater to their testing requirements. Our motive remains in offering cost advantages as well to maximize the profit of our clients. Our testing approach in imparting the Retail software testing services is based on the following themes.

  • A thorough understanding of the client’s business
  • A good documentation with the help of test cases
  • Consultation with the client after designing the test methodology
  • Brilliant execution of testing sessions

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