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Security is the most important concern today as many intentional and non-intentional actions cause a breach in the same and cause huge losses. In IT sector, no matter a business is small or big, Security Testing services are availed by all. The main is to protect data by all means. We, at KiwiQA, boast of an experienced team of professionals who ensure your data confidentiality by conducting a series of Security Testing before the software implementation phase. We ensure that all the security bugs be eliminated and there be no loopholes. We provide our services both for Web Application Security Testing and Software Testing Security.

Importance Of Software Testing Security‎

Today, most of the transactions are done online and not only this, we do important information exchange through this mode as this appears more convenient and time saving. But there are many software vulnerabilities that are very important to identify and eliminate in order to save any chance of information failure or identification theft. We have to protect our software and web application not only from the hackers and crackers but also from unintentional information leakage. We provide much emphasis on Web Application Security Testing as they are most likely to have clinches and must me checked periodically. Apart from these, we also excel in conducting Access Control Testing and Information Security Audit.

Methodologies Used In Our Security Testing

The methodologies employed by us for the same are including but not limited to the following ones.

  • Tiger Box: This is a hacking process done with the help of a large number of hacking tools and operating system. This type of testing is often called Penetration Testing and is used to explore the software or web application vulnerabilities throughout assessment.
  • Black Box: In this methodology, the tester is quite authorized to perform testing on network topology so that there be no clinches left in the Web Application Security Testing.
  • Grey Box: This is a hybrid method of testing and is also quite popular. In this method, it is not important that the tester should have full access to the source code of the software for conducting testing.

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