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Security testing services from KiwiQA is highly cost effective as well provide a highly wide delivery platform.

Security Testing For Fool-Proofing Errors

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Security testing is the most important testing scrutiny of all the possible software testing and solving process. Security testing ensures that your software’s in-built components are safe from external threats and particularly from the hands of hackers, who might trespass with the information stored in your software by any means necessary.

At KiwiQA, software testing is performed with great amount of sincerity and care. For this case of security testing, we follow some set of instructions and algorithms, with which we can analyze the software systematically.


Our Take On Security Testing:

Security testing, by us at KiwiQA is considered as an ethical procedure of safeguarding a software and the data stored in it by different procedural means. Hence, for preserving the privacy, it is our main goal to safeguard the software by following the software security testing methods and verifying it to be legitimate or not.

  • access control security testing, access control testing

    Access Control Testing

    Software Access Control testing is a form of software testing process, that deals with the quality of software,

  • Information Security Audit Testing, Security Audit Testing

    Information Security

    In these times of almost all the important information data being shared globally and using software.

  • Penetration Testing, Penetration Test, security penetration testing

    Penetration Testing

    Penetration testing is popularly defined as that kind of testing, which involves both internal and external.

  • Security Testing

    Security Testing

    Security is the most important concern today as many intentional and non-intentional actions cause

  • Web Application Security Testing

    Web Application Security Testing

    Web application security testing is one of the featured and popular software independent testing services.

Security Testing Techniques By Us:

The security testing is followed under six different clauses and rules and security testing tools, which should be kept in focus or the primary goal, if we intend to safeguard the software. They are as follows:

  • Confidential protection – Confidential safeguarding of any software must be preserved. A client storing confidential information in his software operating system must be safe from external unethical attempt to break the confidential barrier by any means.
  • Integrity Check – The integrity of the software is crosschecked thoroughly ensuring that the components are user communicable, rather than being too complex for them to understand.
  • Authentication Of The Software Entity – The software is properly authenticated to the given and desired system, hence the legitimacy of the software components are preserved to the safe levels.
  • Authorization – This refers to the software is authorized to use under the designated users only.
  • Availability – The authorized party should be able to communicate and transfer data whenever required to do so.
  • Confirmation Check – This software security testing is done from the main party to its sub clients, so as to ensure the data supply is on check.

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