Selenium Automation Testing

Selenium is an automation tool for web based applications, for effective services you Join with KiwiQA and get rapid and easy selenium automation testing.

Ensure A Good Performance Of Your Software By Our Selenium Testing

Selenium Automation Testing, selenium automated testing, selenium test automation

Today, it is best to automate the testing process in order to speed up the things and to get an unbiased review on your software’s performance. Selenium Testing is one such suite of tools that is apt to do automate testing over web browsers across a range of platforms. At KiwiQA, we have a plethora of services for our esteemed clients and our selenium automation testing is one among those. There are possibilities of a biased opinion in case of internal automation testing but outsourcing the selenium automated testing that too to our dexterous professionals ensure reliability. We have a range of selenium testing tools to adhere to all the set deadlines of testing.

Importance Of Automated Testing With Selenium:

Selenium Testing has immense importance as now with the increased user expectation; companies are emphasizing more on quality. Increased market competition and budget constraints are also the guiding forces for companies opting for the more reliable selenium automation framework. As it is easy to use, people are now actually encouraging the use of selenium performance testing for their software applications. A selenium automated testing ensures the following things-

  • Reduced operational cost
  • Increased Coverage of the software
  • Better customer satisfaction

Reasons To Choose Our Services For Selenium Test Automation:

There are ample of reasons for companies to choose our services for selenium automated testing. Some of the reasons not limited to but including is listed below.

  • Swift & Efficient: Our testing is not only swift but also works more efficiently than manual testing.
  • Latest Technology: We employ the latest technology for conducting the selenium browser testing.
  • Proficient Evaluation: We evaluate the framework in a most proficient manner. Our skilled engineers work in a most diligent manner.
  • Affordable: We employ the latest technology for conducting the selenium browser testing.
Selenium Automation Testing, selenium automated testing, selenium test automation

KiwiQA Services Customize Automation Framework Benefits

  • Supported JAVA/C# code Application with Web Driver
  • Execute test in multiple browser and multiple operating system
  • Compatible to run in build system e.g jenkins
  • Screen shots capturing facility on failed Testcases.
  • Ant and Maven Capability
  • Easy Test configuration User Interface
  • Run test with Browser


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