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Telecom Software Testing – An Essential Tool In Your Armor

Telecom services are considered as tools for socio-economic development for the overall growth of a nation and hence the testing part is hard to be ignored. Telecom software solutions and testing is now offered by many software testing companies of which KiwiQA is a pioneer one. An urgent need of the transformation of the ways business is now done has been felt and telecom services can play a crucial role in this overall process. The task of testing results in a fault-free and robust telecom software which is necessary to carry out other operations.

Key Features Of Telecom Testing:

Telecom sector is now undergoing a dynamic change so it is good to know the key features of telecom testing so that the entire system can be fault-free and more efficient. Some of the features are the following ones.

  • An integrated approach and more organized execution of test processes
  • Management of testing services in a multi-technology environment
  • Enhanced customer retention and converged billing

Advantages Of Testing Telecom Software:

Telecom Software Testing is increasingly gaining prominence all over the world because of the host of advantages it offered. It has two main domains – Business support system and Operation support system. Testing helps to minimize the cost involved in pre-installed testing in both these domains. Some of the advantages are including but not limited to the following ones.

  • Proper validation of the business process results in increased product functionality
  • Reduces the time in the execution of a test process
  • Possible to perform testing across many interfaces
  • Ensures a simple and robust framework

Our Services In Telecom Testing:

At KiwiQA, we offer a host of implacable Software testing services to our clients since many years at an affordable cost. Apart from this, we also have our own Telecom CRM Software Testing Lab.

  • Creation of test process
  • Selection of appropriate test tools
  • Selection of the needed hardware resources
  • Development of a test application
  • If you have any query or need any business information then you can reach us at 91-999-885-4854 or you can drop a mail to us at regarding your business needs.

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