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KiwiQA being a software quality auditing firm have hence got a sturdy team of talented engineers and developers who are quite updated about the latest trends of testing.

Go for Automation Methodology and Save your Precious Time

Automation Methodology, Automation Testing Tool

Software development companies often rush for launching their software products in the market. Hence, the time for testing is always very limited. To get over this perpetual problem, software testing companies have adopted Automation Methodology to complete the testing cycle in a minimal time and to ensure software efficiency.

KiwiQA being a leading software testing company understands the importance of time and need of quality assurance. We have an extensive Automation Methodology to carry out testing in the most impeccable manner.

Our tools in Automation Methodology

There are varieties of tools that are perfect to conduct test automation for software. Some of these are highlighted below.

QTP -This is considered as a leading tool in automation methodology. It supports several diverse environments and is most suitable for web and client/server application testing.

Rational Robot -This is the most general purpose tool used at KiwiQA because of its efficiency in automating regression as well as configuration testing for ecommerce applications. It is excellent for ERP and client/server applications.

Selenium – It is an open-sourced automation tool apt for supporting an Automation Methodology for testing browsers. KiwiQA makes the most out of this reliable tool.

Apart from these, there are even other tools like Jmeter, LoadStorm, Soapui and WebInject that we use occasionally depending on the test scripts and other deciding factors.

Testing Methodologies adopted by us

There are different Testing Methodologies adopted by us at KiwiQA. These are the following ones.

  • Record and Replay
  • Functional Test Automation
  • Data-Driven Test Automation
  • Keyword-Driven Test Automation
  • Hybrid Test Automation

The right skill set is extremely important to carry out any task in software testing. At KiwiQA, our testing professionals are very passionate about their work and are highly motivated to complete the task with due diligence.

Steps of our Software Test Automation Methodology

We aim at exceeding ROI by 100 percent so that our Software Test Automation Methodology proves profitable to our clients. We strongly recommend test automation over manual testing.

Our software test automation methodology consists of the following essential steps.

  • Understanding and analyzing the testing goal
  • Identifying test cases and suitable testing tools
  • Feasibility study and planning
  • Design and development of test scenarios
  • Execution of automation scripts
  • Implementation of an automation framework

Earlier, manual testing was conducted to do various kinds of testing. However, automation of the test cases not only saves a considerable amount of time, but also results in reduced human effort in the entire testing procedure. KiwiQA value both time and money and offers excellent automation services to its clients.

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