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Check how your site performs by usability testing service, Increase sales and reduce costs by help of KiwiQA.

Usability Testing – An Essential Element Of Software Testing

It sometimes happens that a website or mobile app falls miserably in meeting up the expectations of the end user. This usually happens when it has some ‘usability defects’ that resurface only when someone is using that product. Hence, a proper usability test should be conducted by reliable testing services. KiwiQA is an established name in the industry in India in this regard. With its team comprising of skilled professionals, KiwiQA performs excellent usability testing and check out all the defects of your website, mobile application or desktop to give you the best ever experience.

Know About Usability Testing:

This is a process done to expose the defects in the product pertaining to its usability. As we are living in an era of information sharing over the internet, new websites get launched almost every day. But, some of these in spite of having an attractive layout fail miserably due to navigation difficulties by the end user. Same fate can be of a newly launched mobile application even.

At KiwiQA, we offer world class website usability testing as well as mobile usability testing services to rule out any such incident. It is better to do software testing in the initial phase of the product development to save both time and money.

Our Goal Of Usability Testing:

Our goal of this testing is to provide our users a complete satisfaction and we do this by concentrating on various parameters. We ensure that website usability testing and software testing offered by us checks the following things thoroughly.

  • Effectiveness – Our usability testing software checks that whether the new product is easy in its usability and if the product adds value to its users expectations or not.
  • Efficiency – The usability testing tool checks that the provisions for searching or navigating within the new product are efficient enough.
  • Accuracy – We conduct automated usability testing which ensures that there is no broken links or erroneous information in your product.
  • User Friendliness – The product should be user-friendly or else it will not be appreciated by the end users. The usability testing in software testing is thus very much of significance. Our software usability testing offers services to ensure that the product can be used easily by an end user.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now for supreme usability testing for your product.

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