Who We Are?

We are an energetic bunch of people who are progressive in our thoughts and experiment for excellent solutions for our clients.

Our Expertise

Our expertise is multifaceted as we have the expertise in web application testing, mobile apps testing and test automaton services and more.

Web Application Testing

We provide web application testing of the most severe levels to enhance the viability of the products adhere to global standards.

Mobile Apps Testing

We do mobile app testing to ensure that apps are compatible across all platforms and continue to provide usability enhancement.

Test Automaton services

Our test automation services are of the most reliable variety to ensure that credibility and delivery on time are guaranteed.

Our vision

Our vision prompts us to be the most reliable service provider and be synonymous with versatility.

Achieve Business Goals With KQ

  • Resource Strength
  • Total Projects
  • Satisfied Customers

Global Presence

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Why not let us argument your proceedings? Please call us at +1-(732)-993-5777 or write us an email to and let’s discuss how we can provide solutions for your distinct business needs.

KiwiQA Associated with
Excellence in ICT

"Best Software Company in Gujarat-2013"