Mobile App Testing
29May, 2018

Tops Tips to Master Your Way through Mobile Test Automation

Mobile Application testing is one of the most sensitive areas in automation testing and therefore require special attention. Usability, especially mobile usability, is a huge, complex, and important topic. Good usability requires lots of refining, intense user research, and even more testing with real users. It is important that your app be easy to use; […]

DevOps | Independent Testing Company
15May, 2018

Choosing The Best Tool For Automation Testing- Tips and Strategies

Choosing the right automation testing tool could be a tough job. At times, choosing the wrong tool could lead to results which are unexpected and unforeseen, besides there being significant technical difficulties in making the tool work in your environment. Situations like these will, at best, set back your test automation efforts and may also […]

Manual Testing | Independent Testing Company
08May, 2018

Making Manual Testing Better- Five Shortfalls and Suggestions

Manual software testing is always regarded as the backbone of the entire software testing process. All testers, QA staffs, developers, programmers, and software engineers conduct manual testing on their code, to at least some degree. Though it is a critical element of software testing, it is certainly not the be-all and end-all. Furthermore, it is […]

Manual Testing | Independent Testing Company
01May, 2018

Six Common Misconceptions About Software Testing You Should Know

The art of software testing is extremely sophisticated and often misunderstood by those who do not engage in software testing. For such ‘non-testers’, these common misconceptions about software testing are often related to how software testing differs from other forms of testing. Here, we discuss six common misconceptions that every tester should know- Misconception 1: […]