big data testing
31Jul, 2018

Big Data and Analytics Testing: Learning the Basics

Gaining popularity across many areas of technology in current times is big data and analytics testing– which refers to testing of those technologies and initiatives that involve data that is too diverse and fast-changing. In our technology-driven world, data is continuously generated from machines, sensors from the Internet of Things, mobile devices, network data traffic […]

Performance Testing in USA & Australia
17Jul, 2018

All About CRM Performance Testing – Understanding the Intricacies of CRM Testing

For the businesses today, the marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive at a very rapid pace. The technological innovations minimize the entry barriers, as soon as a specialized service or product becomes a commodity, every marketplace gets crowded suddenly. The businesses are taking customer experience more seriously today as it is a major differentiator; customers at […]

10 Lessons about Automation Testing
03Jul, 2018

10 Lessons about Automation Testing You Probably Didn’t Know

Test automation provides great benefits to the software testing process in terms of improving the quality of results, speeding up the process, increasing test coverage and minimizing the variability of results. In this article, we enlist 10 lessons that every software tester must keep in mind while automating tests. However, before we provide these lessons, […]