Legal Notice

“Legal Notice”

Describing a requirement that a party be aware of legal process.

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Let us first take this opportunity to thank you for visiting, the official website of KiwiQA Services Pvt. Ltd. On this website, we offer a range of information and resources including information about the company’s services, recent updates, news, contests and many others. All of this, and everything else, contained on this website is subject to the terms of use. These terms of use might be altered with the passage of time without any notice. You will be suggested to visit this page regularly for any updates on the same. By using the website, we infer your acceptance to the terms of use:

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Privacy Policy

Your desire for privacy is respected and KiwiQA Services Pvt. Ltd tries its best to retain that. You can know more about it in the Privacy Policy section of the website.


While we attempt to provide accurate information, images, content and others on the website, we do not endorse or take accountability of the accuracy of the same.

Sole Agreement

This agreement is the only agreement between us and you, with regards to the terms of use of this website. It supersedes all prior agreements, contracts, warranties and understandings.