Accessibility Testing Services

We offer Comprehensive Accessibility audit, testing, and consulting services

Test accessibility with Persons with Disabilities.

Accessibility Testing Services

Improve user experience with accessibility testing services.

Accessibility testing is one of the many software testing processes. It is essential in determining the abilities of the application for users with specific disabilities such as hearing, old age, color blindness, and other people of such groups. It is also termed as usability testing. Web Accessibility Testing ensures that the application can be used and navigated on any platform or by any user. This testing procedure will improve the efficiency of the application and keep it stand above all in the competition.

Having a WCAG 2.1 A/AA accessibility audit performed on your website or application provides your organization / Company. By ensuring your digital presence is accessible, you increase customer satisfaction and limit business risk. Our specialists evaluate the accessibility and compliance level WCAG 2.1 AA of your website or application and develop a clear remediation strategy. Our audit reports can be used to improve system compliance and help protect your organization against legal action.

Benefits of Accessibility Testing

1. Increased User Base

The businesses that are redirected through mobile applications work efficiently with less marketing time. Accessibility must be tested during the time of development to avoid major downtime costs in the future.

2. Improved Automation

Accessibility testing services for an application also ensures efficient automation. If the application successfully passes during the test automation, then it is also perfect for accessibility.

3. Improved Performance

The primary purpose of the accessibility testing is to serve the disabled group of people with ease of use. Still, the overall outcomes of accessibility testing help the entire user base of an application with easy accessibility.

4. Improved Quality

With accessibility testing, the quality of the application is enhanced. It helps in transcribing the sounds and music into descriptions for people with hearing disabilities.

Our Accessibility Testing Process


  • Identify accessibility gaps.
  • WCAG compliance needs
  • Conduct accessibility gap analysis

Accessibility Testing

  • Automated and Manual Testing
  • Testing with Assistive Devices (Screen Reader)
  • Identify accessibility issues


  • Get recommendations on how to fix accessibility issues
  • VPAT Report

Our Accessibility Testing Services

We offer a wide range of Accessibility testing services for the differently-abled group of people to help them operate the software applications and expand their businesses to a wider user base. Accessibility testing is now included on the standard testing procedure with a wide range of services such as:

1. Accessibility Consulting

The Accessibility Testing consultants in our team have a brief idea about how accessibility testing can benefit a business organization by increasing the user-base. We at KiwiQA believe in implementing the knowledge into action.

Discovery and Access – Accessibility Remediation – Integration and Stay with up-to-date

Accessibility Consulting

2. Accessibility Testing and Audit

Full inspection will be done for your application, which will help us identify the minute errors related to the accessibility of the software. We test websites, web-based applications and stand-alone applications.

  • Accessibility Manual Testing with Real users : Work with people who have disabilities to find issues that automated tools miss. With, you can identify priority accessibility issues, create better experiences, and reach compliance!
  • Business website Accessibility Testing :At KiwiQA, we make sure that your website, mobile sites meets WCAG 2.1 AA compliance and the 508 compliance.
  • CMS Accessibility Testing: We provide the accessibility issue report via on-page and in-code highlights. With our team, you can jump right into your CMS and fix the issue right away.
  • eCommerce Accessibility Testing : We provide the eCommerce accessibility end-to-end report and  the full benefits of accessibility and reduce your legal risk, your e-commerce site should follow a mature, well-defined metric for web accessibility.
  • Screen Reader Testing : Screen Reader Testing with NVDA, JAWS
  • Usability Testing :Conducting usability tests while considering accessibility and primarily focuses on people with disabilities. Many accessibility requirements improve usability for everyone, especially in limiting situations.

3. Document Accessibility

We run several evaluations tests in your software and identify all the possible ways of helping. We at KiwiQA look after several use-cases by different customers and make improvements accordingly to result in a successful application.

We create and accessible documents to increase access for people with a disability, especially for people who are blind or have low vision.

  • PDF Accessibility
  • Microsoft Word Accessibility
  • Microsoft PPT Accessibility
  • Accessible ePub

Why to Choose Us for Accessibility Testing Service?

    • KiwiQA is the leading accessibility testing company that has an immense experience in all forms of software testing.
    • The expert QA teams are professionals in identifying minute errors and improving the functionality of the application.
    • Our accessibility testing services are reliable and meet the quality standard.
    • KiwiQA makes use of professional technologies and methodologies in the accessibility testing process.

Accessibility Consulting Service

    • Evaluate accessibility needs
    • Align the business strategy and define future road map
    • Support with project planning, testing, or development
    • Conduct accessibility fit-gap analysis
    • On-Going support for Development lifecycle
    • Maintain on-going accessibility compliance

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Accessibility Testing In Software Development?

Accessibility testing is an important step in testing software, ensuring the product is accessible to everyone. It ensures a person with disabilities like auditory or cognitive can also use this. This is a way to enhance the software quality and user satisfaction. Overall, it ensures your software meets all the content accessibility guidelines.

Which Guidelines Or Standards Should Be Followed For Accessibility Testing?

Accessibility testing ensures the developed software meets the web content accessibility guidelines & rehabilitation act of section 508. These standard guidelines offer a set of criteria to make any software accessible by individuals with disabilities, like colour contrast, keyboard navigation, text size, etc. Overall, it helps the software to comply with all the ethical & legal obligations.

Why Is Accessibility Testing Important For Websites And Applications?

Accessibility testing is necessary because it ensures that everyone, including disabled people, can access your website & application effectively. It helps to enhance user experience and fosters audience reachability. It aids compliance with all the regulations & accessibility laws. Doing this step can improve your site’s SEO without spending a high budget.

How Can Accessibility Testing Improve User Experience?

User retention & satisfaction are some crucial indications that indicate how well a website or application meets user expectations. You can evaluate or measure the user experience through accessibility testing. Accessibility testing measures how well a product complies with all the accessibility standards like ARIA, ADA, and WCAG. This testing helps to measure the efficiency of your products.

Does Accessibility Testing Only Apply To Websites And Apps?

Accessibility testing covers reviewing apps, websites, and other digital content against common regulatory standards. This procedure measures the usability of individuals who use assistive technologies like screen readers. Accessibility testing is applicable for the websites and applications to ensure they meet all the best practices standards for a good experience.

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