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Career @ KiwiQA

KiwiQA is a leading independent testing company that offers a learning oriented work opportunity for the software testing professionals. When you link yourself with KiwiQA, you’ll benefit from of an inheritance of expertise. Right from our inception, we have successfully offered the diverse job profiles to top candidates and helped them to build a bright career for them in the field of software testing.

We assure that every candidate approaching us, gains career satisfaction and financial growth apart from invaluable learning. Our core values, diversity and company ethics contribute to our company work culture. We are always searching for the right candidates and once we get the right candidates, our managers ensure that they provide right grooming for them. We value our employees, and thus, accentuate on providing a perfect work environment for them where they can sharpen their QA and testing service skills.

Join KiwiQA and Shape Your Career

Shape up your career and fulfill your dreams by joining KiwiQA. We ensure that you get an ideal job specifically matching your skills, talent, experience and expectations. We have a team of seasoned QA professionals, who help every employee develop the best skill set and enhance their experience in the most meaningful way. We don’t just boast, but, actually provide a learning oriented environment.

Life At KiwiQA

KiwiQA is one of the leading independent testing company which has been growing well since its inception. Comprised by the people hailing from different regions, ethnicities and places, we have a diverse workforce and it helps in enriching our culture. At KiwiQA, the life is not just about working hard, but, is more about working together.

We work together, celebrate together and ensure that every employee feels that he/she belongs to the family. The work environment is fun oriented and friendly, so that you can enjoy your work and not acquire stress at the workplace.

We Extract The Best In You

We, at KiwiQA, provide an ideal growth-oriented environment for all our employees and help them to deliver their best. We provide all the support required by an individual to sharpen his/her skills and become better in their niche. Our senior employees foster learning and help all the employees to become better with each passing day.

Come and join us for an enduring career. The work environment at KiwiQA is such that it extracts the best out of you, making you much more efficient and knowledgeable in your field.

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