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WinAppDriver is a modern, standards-based UI test automation service that aligns with the Selenium WebDriver Protocol The Windows Application Driver allows an automation tester to use the “write a test once, run anywhere” approach. Give us 15 minutes and We’ll show you how to create your own desktop automation tests using WinApp Driver.

Selenium Automation Master Kit

Selenium is the most popular automation testing tool. In this webinar, we’ll show you how to create your own selenium automation tests using C#.

API Automation

Want to learn how to test your API using POSTMAN and Jenkins(CI). At KiwiQA, we have expert testers who’ll explain you the basic of API, Oerview of API, API Testing using POSTMAN,Jenkins(CI) Integration & Reports.

Test Automation Webinar

Automation testing is a difficult exercise with a tendency to become error-prone and time-consuming in a short period. Follow these 6 powerful strategies for automation testing to get the best results. Check out this webinar to perform test automation effectively with top five shortfalls and suggestions from KiwiQA which can help you increase ROI for your business.

Software Testing Trends

Want to know what are the latest testing trends of 2018? Check out our 2018 predictions about software testing which will help to achieve software testing goal in the upcoming year.

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