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CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has become the core of the customer oriented businesses, and in today’s digital era, it seems impossible for a company to function without an efficient CRM system. An improperly implemented or a bug ridden CRM system can directly impact how you understand your customers and can significantly affect your revenue. Thus, to ensure that your CRM system is functioning properly and has no performance issues, it’s vital to test it thoroughly.

We, at KiwiQA offer quality focused CRM testing services to our clients which help in ensuring that your CRM system is flawless. With pre-built tests, automated testing frameworks and innovative testing approach, we ensure stringent testing of the CRMs.

The Need For CRM Testing

Today, the CRM systems are increasingly becoming the strategic assets for the organizations which help in streamlining the operations, managing the entire customer life cycle, and enhancing the customer satisfaction.

A flawed CRM system not only affects your revenues and brand value, but also impacts the brand loyalty. Losing valuable and loyal customers is the worst thing that can happen to a business, and inefficient or improperly implemented CRM systems can result in the same.

On the flip side, an efficient and efficacious CRM system without any performance issues help in deriving useful customer insights, while improving the customer loyalty. At KiwiQA, our CRM testing company help an organization to evaluate the quality of their CRM system, and what are the issues which need to be fixed in order to make this system immaculate.

What We Offer?

Integrating and maintaining a new CRM solution in your existing system can be difficult. About 49% of the CRM systems fail in delivering the services they are supposed to because of implementation problems or flaws in their functioning.

We, at KiwiQA critically evaluate every CRM system and ensure that the CRM is capable of recording, reporting and analyzing the data flawlessly across the different channels while also helping you with the software upgrades.

Our CRM testing services include:

    • Data quality and conversion testing for CRM
    • Functionality checks to ensure CRM is functioning as required
    • Reporting and integration testing
    • Regression and User acceptance testing
    • Accuracy and reliability tests on the CRM

Why Choose Us?

We offer the best-in-class CRM testing services which focus on reducing the testing costs and time to market by performing an array of automated and managed tests. We have a team of experienced CRM QA professionals who possess profound expertise and domain knowledge in CRM testing.

We align testing strategy with the BPT (Business Process Testing) approach to extensively test your CRM applications. With the profound domain knowledge, our professionals develop and leverage the specialized testing frameworks for Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Siebel applications and SAP CRM.

Our CRM testing approach comprises of a modular framework and several pre-built test assets. We also possess a vast repository of the pre-built test cases as well as the business scenarios to thoroughly test the CRM solutions. All our knowledge which we have captured in the form of test assets helps in saving the costs, effort of testing and above all, the testing time. We use the automated tests to reduce time and augment accuracy in the test results.

With KiwiQA’s unsurpassed CRM testing benefits, get ready to witness excellent reviews for your digital apps and products. Contact Us Today, if you have any query or to inquire more about our CRM testing and consulting services.

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