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“Eliminating Security Loopholes In The Developed Products”

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Security Testing Service

Wide Ranging Security Testing Services To Meet Global Clients' Diversified Needs.

The increasing number of data breaches, privacy breaches, unauthorised access, hacking attacks and finance related cyber crimes have put immense pressure on organisations to ensure complete security in their digital products and offerings. Consequently, the security testing of digital products like apps, software, payment gateways, etc., has become a critical part of the application life cycle. Customers have become highly aware of the security risks and, before using any digital product, they always ensure that their data and other personal details will stay safe.

At KiwiQA, we offer end-to-end security testing services by deploying the most advanced technologies and tools to rigorously check developed software and apps for security threats. We have a team of experienced security testing professionals who offer best-in-class services to help protect your business and clients.

The Need For Security Testing

The sophistication and number of digital attacks have increased significantly, and today, all digital solutions are potential targets of sophisticated security attacks.

Organisations are vulnerable to business and data loss in addition to compliance penalties, litigation costs and above all, the loss of the customer’s trust (and company reputation). Mobility, cloud and virtualization, are adding to the potential IT risks and the challenge of maintaining security has grown significantly and is more complex.

Moreover, any action taken after a breach would not be able to undo the harm done to the business due to a security attack. This is why, proactive run-time measures and rigorous security testing have become highly important for all organisations.

We, at KiwiQA, a leading security testing company, understand the significance of thorough and stringent security tests, which can evaluate the effectiveness of an app or software against strong security attacks. We offer world-class security testing services aimed at safeguarding your apps and software against any potential security threats.

What We Offer?

Being a top-shelf QA and Testing consulting company, we offer an array of security testing services to our clients and help them evaluate the efficacy of the security measures which have been deployed on the digital products.

We possess deep domain expertise in conducting security testing of enterprise applications, and cater to diversified business needs. Our security testers and QA specialists have significant experience in serving clients across an array of industry verticals and organisation sizes.

Our security testing services include:

    • Web Applications Security Testing
    • Wearables and Mobile Security Testing
    • Comprehensive Security Audit
    • Ethical Hacking
    • Penetration Testing
    • Vulnerability Testing
    • Risk Assessment
    • Intrusive Testing
    • Manual Verification

      Security testing services
      Security testing services

Why Choose KiwiQA?

We have a dedicated team for carrying out extensive security testing. Our seasoned QA specialists leverage the most advanced tools, exhaustive test cases and guidelines to carry out thorough security testing of all aspects of your web application or software including digital payments, information collection and information storage.

    • Early and fast detection of the vulnerabilities for the reduced risk
    • Centralized tracking and comprehensive reporting for compliance
    • Testing focused on the business priorities
    • Comprehensive repository for quick fixing of the issues
    • Automated security testing using open source and commercial tools
    • Security integration in the development life cycle

With KiwiQA’s unsurpassed security testing benefits, get ready to witness excellent reviews for your digital apps and products. Contact Us Today to ask about our Security Testing services.

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