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Crowd testing is an innovative testing approach that leverages the power of a big crowd. It includes availing the testing services from community users and testers worldwide through the online platform to ensure the delivery of flawless applications. Crowd testing is evolving as an effective means of enhancing the quality of the software application. KiwiQA is a leading crowd testing company that offers value to businesses across the globe. We ensure delivering the highest quality mobile and web applications to our clients and enhance their user experience.

We, at KiwiQA, provide you the opportunity to get your software applications tested by the real end-users across the globe. With the combination of a network of qualified testers, an internal testing team, and powerful tools, we deliver top-notch products within the desired timeframe. We have partnered with Global App Testing to provide unmatched crowd testing service to our clients. We are dedicated to optimize the user experience of your software products and grow your revenues the best.

Benefits of Crowd Testing

Crowd testing allows organizations to gain access to certified testers around the globe. Our crowd testers help in uncovering the potential flaws in the applications and ensure the delivery of high-quality mobile and web applications. The significant benefits of crowd testing are:

  • Access to a big community of testers worldwide
  • Easy detection of more defects by the community testers
  • Valuable feedback from the real end-users around the globe
  • Increase in the quality of software
  • Better cost and time saving
  • Enhanced user experience of the applications
  • Faster time to market

How Crowd Testing Works?

We, at KiwiQA, follow a systematic approach to deliver our crowd testing services. Our crowd testing process includes the following steps:

1. Project Setup

We receive your project and discuss the specific goals and requirements of your business. We define the testing requirements, scope, and test cases and start the testing process.

2. Initiate Testing

We develop the appropriate test data and testing environment to start the testing process. We launch the testing cycle to the professional testers around the globe.

3. Monitor the Testing Progress

We closely monitor the testing progress and offer the required guidance to the testing team. We maintain regular updates about the real-time progress of the testing project.

4. Validate Defects

We gather all the reported issues and evaluate all the defects of the software application. We eliminate all the invalid and duplicate defects and validate the actual issues only.

5. Deliver Results

We prepare the final report containing the collective results of the crowd testing. We deliver faster results and provide quality insights about the necessary improvements that are to be made in the software application.

Our Crowd Testing Services

We, at KiwiQA, offer a wide range of crowd testing services to identify the potential defects and improve the quality of your software products. We ensure the optimum performance of your web and mobile applications. Our crowd testing is ideal for following testing types:

  1. Functional Testing
  2. Usability Testing
  3. Security Testing
  4. Load Testing
  5. UX and UI Testing
  6. Localization Testing
  7. Compatibility Testing
  8. Accessibility Testing
  9. Translation Testing

Why To Choose Us for Crowd Testing Services?

KiwiQA is a reputed crowd testing company that offers world-class services to clients across the globe. We aim at improving the device coverage and speeding up the testing process to maximize the success of your business. The top reasons to choose KiwiQA for crowd testing are:

    • Access to more than 40,000 vetted testers worldwide
    • Faster testing of mobile and web applications
    • Delivers flawless user experience
    • High-quality software applications
    • Detailed reports to provide better application insights

KiwiQA will exceed your expectation and deliver quality software products. Ready to launch your amazing software into the market? It’s time to connect with the experts of KiwiQA for the best crowd testing services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Typical Duration Of A Crowd Testing Cycle?

Crowd testing is the procedure where a developer & company utilise a group of people to test their software to improve the release velocity. It can include SaaS, mobile apps and any type of program, digital products, desktop apps and even websites. Testing can take place at the end of the development stage. When you hire experts like us, they can complete the task immediately.

How Can Crowd Testing Improve User Experience?

Through crowd-testing, you can improve software development quality, allowing you to launch high-quality digital assets quickly. It gives fewer bugs and quick innovation. Improving your app performance helps you to offer a better customer experience, which boosts conversion rates & encourages user retention. Crowd testing also reduces testing costs & efforts.

What Are The Advantages Of Crowd Testing?

Carrying out the crowd testing saves cost & effectively utilises the human resources available. You can improve the speed, human diversity, quality, simplicity and parallel testing through crowd testing. Crowd testing employs testers who are available at any time & also involves a large number of individuals. Crowd testing also simplifies the testing burden for the quality assurance team, which makes the test procedures easy.

Which Types Of Bugs Can Crowd Testing Uncover?

Based on the nature, the Software bugs in crowd-testing are differentiated into various forms. Some common bugs that can be rectified through crowd testing procedures are functional bugs, workflow bugs, logical bugs, unit-level bugs, out-of-bound bugs, system-level integration bugs, security bugs and many more. This is how crowd-testing helps to improve your software.

How Does Crowd Testing Work?

In today’s world, the generation is interested in working on diverse projects. A broader set of people are involved in crowd testing in this procedure. The testing is conducted in a diverse set of conditions, which can only be adhered to by the in-house testing team. You can gain the benefits of discovering issues before the customers, which helps for quick fix out, saving time & effort.

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