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We offer world-class robotic process automation testing service.

RPA Testing Service

What Is RPA (Robotic Process Automation)?

RPA or Robot Process Automation is the technology that acts as assistance to the human being for handling the systems and application in an organization. It will more likely replace human beings in the future as the advanced technology of interacting with the IT structure is more accurate with the use of RPA.

Among the wide use of RPA, it is also used for automating the infrastructure and operates the back office job, which reduces the need for labors. RPA’s functionality depends upon the bots that follow certain commands without violating the business rules.

Intelligent Automation for Enterprises

All industries widely praise the need for Automation for saving time and money and also accelerate the business process. As the automation market inches towards immense popularity, the software testing firms also started making use of automation for better results.

KiwiQA offers world-class RPA testing services through JiffyRPA by Option3 to deliver high quality and efficient services. We provide faster testing solutions to help a client save time and money. The RPA testing services by KiwiQA provides a solution to major tedious testing tasks that can be repetitive, rule-based, and time-consuming if done manually. At KiwiQA, we use AI and robots for saving the client effort for seeking improved accuracy.

Accelerate your RPA journey

Automate any process - simple or complex without worrying about RoI

RPA testing generates a cost-saving environment for an organization. The robots work 24/7 for 365 days a year and end up saving up to 50% of your overall business costs. The cost savings depends up on the work complexity.

  1. You get higher efficiency as the robots are assigned with your business rules to deliver the work with zero errors within the given stipulated time.
  2. With RPA testing, you get better quality and performance. The robots tend to perform tirelessly for a long time to deliver quality output for your business.
  3. Robotic Automation Testing will eventually help increase productivity to higher scales.

RPA Testing

Our Service for RPA Testing

KiwiQA extends its quality service for delivering effective RPA testing powered by Intelligent robots. Jiffy RPA provides everything you need to implement a continuous automation framework, Robotic Process Automation, Intelligent Automation and analytics.

Our sole mission is to reduce the overall cost of an organization spent on testing and also increase feature up-gradation and functionality. We offer various RPA Testing services which include:

  1. Intelligent Automation
  2. Advanced Document processing.
  3. Enterprises Class Security Vault.
  4. Dynamic bot allocation and auto-scheduling.
  5. Automate across flows.
  6. RPA testing consultancy.

Tools We Use for RPA Testing

There are many industries, such as telecommunications, banking, manufacturing, healthcare, and others that make use of RPA testing services. At KiwiQA, we use the latest technology and tools from Option3 to serve all the industries.JiffyRPA

Why To Choose Us for RPA Testing Services?

    • We provide better efficiency in testing and deliver accurate results.
    • Automate any kind of UI right from web, desktop, mainframe, AS400, Java etc. using smart elements that never fails
    • We eliminate the risk of human error completely.
    • Intelligent Data Extraction and interpretation capabilities that can process complex documents and refine OCR output
    • Automate processes that are not structured and requires intelligent decision-making using JiffyRPA’s Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) component
    • Your JiffyRPA Enterprise bot will cost you as low as 20 cents per hour

Give a chance to KiwiQA to experience the benefits of RPA testing services. Contact us today to know more about our RPA testing services and for a Demo or Pilot.

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