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The mobile applications are among the top-notch tools being used by businesses today and lie at the core of the digital transformation which many industries are undergoing currently. Owing to the proliferated use of mobile apps and availability of alternates for every app, customers have become increasingly intolerant about any functional issues, UX problems, poor experience and average performance of the apps.

They don’t mind effortlessly switching to another app without giving any time to the app manufacturer to present them with a better functioning or upgraded app. This is why, not just faster time to market is important but high quality mobile application testing services have also become critical to ensure the success of a mobile application.

Need For High Quality Mobile App Testing Services

The complexity and scope in testing the newly developed mobile apps for multiple devices, mobile platforms and services is augmenting every single day. Owing to the increasing significance of mobile testing services, there has been a complete shift in the approach to testing as well. The traditional mobile app testing methodologies have been replaced by performance testing, followed by security testing, functional testing and compatibility testing. Even the most advanced mobile development organizations struggle with the challenges posed by the advanced mobility testing services requisites.

Some of the biggest challenges faced by the mobile app development firms in testing their mobile apps include:

    • Performing testing for a wide array of mobile platforms, operating systems and device fragmentation
    • Ensuring optimum user experience
    • Ensuring that the app is well suited for mobile device’s physical features
    • Delivering optimum performance and security in the app
    • System integration
    • Challenges related to managing the app distribution

What We Offer?

KiwiQA is one of the widely renowned software testing and QA services provider that offers world-class mobile application testing services. Being one of the pioneering QA firms, we have built a distinct niche for ourselves in the mobile testing domain. Our “Mobile Centre of Excellence” is comprised of seasoned test architects and engineers, who are highly qualified and certified for carrying out the mobile testing services.

KiwiQA’s mobile app testing services provide access to a broad spectrum of testing tools, services and facilities while ensuring that our clients get all the mobile testing related assistance without any hassles.

Our Mobile Application Testing Services include:

    • Mobile App Performance Testing
    • Mobile App Security Testing
    • Mobile App Functional Testing
    • Mobile App User Experience Testing
    • Mobile Test Automation
    • Mobile Localization Testing
    • Mobile W3C/ HIG Compliance Testing
    • Mobile App Compatibility Testing
Mobile App testing services

Why Choose KiwiQA?

With our excellent mobile app testing solutions, we make a highly productive combination of our industry dominating expertise and impressive track record for helping out our clients in the identification of the potential threats present within the mobile applications as well as effective correction for delivering a better user-experience through these apps. Our mobile application testing services offer our clients reliable assistance in delivering top class mobile apps with reduced overall cost and time-to-market.

The factors make our services stand out from our competitors include:

    • On-time delivery
    • Seasoned QAs and testers to deliver unmatched services
    • App specific test environment
    • Advanced testing tools and methodologies
    • Competitive pricing
    • Test automation for faster delivery
    • Advanced and well-equipped mobile app testing labs

With KiwiQA’s unsurpassed mobile app testing benefits, get ready to witness millions of app downloads and excellent reviews for your mobile apps. Contact Us Today, if you have any query or to enquire more about our Mobile App Testing services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mobile app testing?

Mobile app testing introduces verifying a mobile app’s usability and functionality before publicly announcing it. Testing mobile apps assists in validating even if the app meets the expected mechanical and business needs. This app helps the developers to ensure the app’s performance perfectly over numerous tools.

Why is mobile app testing important?

Today, mobile applications are not only pure mobile applications. They are in the fair age of huge progress and hybrid application. Through a technology-enabled atmosphere, mobile app testing has set up an analytical event. It has identified some important points about mobile app testing they are:

  1. Native app applications are created for mobile and tables.
  2. Hybrid apps are similar to native and web apps.
  3. Mobile web apps use separate browsers to enter websites on mobile via a wireless network.

What types of tests are performed in mobile app testing?

Different types of tests are performed for mobile app testing, including performance, functionality, usability, compatibility, regression, and security. These tests help to ensure the correct function of the mobile app, provide a good user experience, and ensure its good performance, stability and security, and compatibility with various devices.

How long does mobile app testing take?

The duration of mobile app testing can differ based on the number of features, the app’s complexity, the testing team’s size, and the testing methodologies used. Sometimes the mobile app testing may take several weeks, a few days, or even months for more extensive testing efforts.

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