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Software Testing Outsourcing

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Software testing is an important phase of the software development process. It is an unavoidable necessity as every developer, no matter how brilliant he is, commits errors. Some of those errors are unimportant while others can be very dangerous and expensive. A buggy software or app can spoil user experience and earn a bad name for your software.

Hence, to make sure that you release a completely immaculate software product to the market, you require outsourcing your software projects for quality testing. KiwiQA is a leading Software Testing Outsourcing Company, offering top-notch software testing services to all types of businesses. We deal in an extensive range of testing services that ensure 100% bug-free and top performing software products.

Benefits of Software Testing Outsourcing

Outsourcing software testing can prove to be very beneficial for your organization. Our QA outsourcing services can help you to:

  • Minimize The Management Efforts

Outsourcing software testing can help you to stop overburdening your in-house professionals. This, in turn, can allow them to invest their entire focus on the main development tasks.

  • Reduce Infrastructure Cost

Software testing demands modern and advanced tools and equipment for the best results. These tools often come at a considerably large amount. Outsourcing software testing can help you save that cost.

  • Allow Efficient Time-To-Market

Software testing outsourcing companies generally abide by the timeline and deliver the projects before the deadline. This, in turn, gives you a greater time-to-market.

  • Help Work With Advanced Tools And Quality Expertise

Software testing outsourcing can give you a chance to work with some of the best expertise and tools of the industry. This can, in turn, give you better returns on investment.

Outsource Our Testing Services

At KiwiQA, we deal in a wide range of Software Testing Outsourcing Services including:

  • Manual Testing Outsourcing

Although automation testing saves time and efforts, manual testing cannot be avoided completely in certain areas of the software. We offer robust manual testing services by leveraging the best techniques.

  • Automation Testing Outsourcing

Automation testing is an unavoidable aspect of software testing. It is a compulsory testing method to ensure better productivity.

  • Mobile App Testing Outsourcing

As there is an ever-increasing demand for mobile apps today, mobile app testing is also becoming increasingly important. For ensuring the success of your mobile app, you need a thorough mobile app testing.

  • Load & Performance Testing Outsourcing

Load and performance testing is done to analyze as to how your software product will work in real situations. We offer top class load and performance testing for all types of software applications.

  • Game Testing Outsourcing

Game testing is mandatory to serve your audience a seamless experience. Our game testing services can help you to release player-satisfying games to the market.

  • Security Testing Outsourcing

Today’s users continue using an app only if it offers security. Hence a high-level security testing is quite essential to ensure user privacy.

  • Big Data Testing Outsourcing

Big data is being increasingly adopted by every company to handle huge volumes of data sets. With such a high demand for big data, the need for robust Big Data testing is also increasing.

Why To Choose Us For Software Testing Outsourcing?

Being the leading software testing outsourcing company, we can give you several reasons why you should choose us for software Testing Outsourcing Services.

    • By outsourcing your software testing requirements to us, you can work with our amazingly skilled and experienced professionals.
    • When you outsource your software testing needs to us, you choose to leverage the industry’s best practices on your software products.
    • With our extensive range of QA Outsourcing services, you can get value for your money.

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