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API testing is basically a kind of software product testing which involves testing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) directly and as an integral part of the integration testing. API testing is carried away to verify if the API reaches up to the expectations with respect to reliability, functionality, security and performance of the application.

At KiwiQA we offer a wide range of top-notch API Testing services to ensure a highly robust software application for your business. Our well-trained and highly experienced professional testers make sure that with our industry-standard API testing, your application meets the needs and requirements for your target audience.

Benefits of API Testing

1. Verifies the core functionalities

Testing the core functionalities of a software application offers early assessment of the overall strength prior to the running of GUI tests.

2. Language-independent

During the API testing, data is transferred by making use of JSON or XML. These modes of data transfer are entirely independent of language, letting the testers choose any language while pursuing Automated API Testing Services for their applications.

3. Time-efficient

API testing consumes way less time in comparison to any other software testing process. Automated API tests need less code, thereby providing faster and better test coverage. Faster testing in turn results in reduced testing cost.

4. Integrates easily with GUI

You can perform highly integrable testing with API testing. This is even more advantageous if you are planning to do GUI testing after performing API testing.

Our API Testing Methodology

Our basic and fundamental approach to API testing is developing a dynamic and robust test plan. At the initial stage, we group all the test cases based on test category. After that, we first conduct testing for the most expected and highly typical results. We assign priorities to the API function calls, making the entire testing process easier and quicker. We ensure testing for failure to render you seamless applications that offer consistent performance. Apart from that, we also make use of Automated API Testing Services to automate the tests wherever it is possible.

Our API Testing Services

At KiwiQA, we offer an extensive range of API testing services including:

1. Automated API Testing

We use Automated API testing services to test software applications. This reduces effort and also helps us to save time and deliver results faster. We use automated API testing to perform dynamic testing, functional testing, performance testing, load testing, error testing, and regression testing.

2. Functionality Testing

We offer API functionality testing to make sure that the API functions well and meets the requirements and objectives.

3. Reliability Testing

Reliability testing is performed to check if the API can render highly consistent results without any interruption or complexities.

4. Load Testing

We carry load testing to check performance and functionality under load. This ensures your software application has the ability to handle large number of calls.

5. Security Testing

Security testing is done to verify if the API fulfills security needs including permission, authentication and necessary access controls.

6. Negative Testing

This kind of API testing is performed to check for all the types of incorrect inputs users may possibly enter.

Why Choose Us For API Testing?

  • Our well-trained and highly experienced in-house testers have in-depth knowledge in the latest trends of API testing.
  • We leverage the best testing tools and advanced technology to render you highly effective API testing service.
  • With our well-structured API testing approach, you can save time and ensure your project is on the right path.
  • You can get the best value for your invested money.

Outsource API Testing Services

In a highly competitive world like today the benefits of outsourcing your testing projects are indeed many. Outsourcing your API Testing Services can help you to work with the experts in this domain who will leverage the best tools to perform top-quality testing so that you get high-yielding products. This can in turn increase your business productivity and help you to achieve an edge over your competitors.

At KiwiQA, we offer a broad spectrum of professional API Testing Services that are designed to help you release effective software applications to the market that can get you success. Want to hire a reliable API testing company for your requirements? Hire us now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does API Testing Include Load Testing?

APIs are a crucial factor in the software business, so multiple parties are involved. API has a variable load, which can be tough to predict, and the downtime is costly. Load testing is the ideal way to lower the performance risks because it ensures the API can manage an expected load.

Why Is Test Data Important in API Testing?

Test data is crucial in API testing because it benefits testers and clients. It helps testers determine whether the data is ready for release. The right test data is good for deciding whether the software performs as per the requirement. With the help of test data, the testers check whether the software stands in the negative scenarios.

When Should API Testing Be Performed?

The API testing is performed to improve the efficiency, secure the system, and provide better efficiency. Automated API testing is essential if you want to release your software quickly and get better test coverage. In API testing, no GUI is needed. It also requires lower maintenance and quick bug fixes methods. In addition, if you want to reduce your testing cost, this could be your best option.

Why is API testing important?

API testing is also known as black box testing because this testing is done to test the internal workings. API testing is necessary for verifying the API-based service that can be used by the other application without any problem. API testing is necessary to analyze how well your application performs and integrates with others.

Which types of bugs can be found with API testing?

Through API testing, you can eliminate multiple bugs & fix those issues efficiently with the help of an expert. API testing removes API reliability issues, API response time issues, request limits are over, error functionalities, and error handling features. In addition, it also helps to fix the incorrect errors & warning problems along with the missing functionalities.

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