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AI-Powered Testing- A Smart New Way of Data Testing

KiwiQA offers leading companies and organizations the option to switch to AI testing services for better, rapid data testing. We help improve your product quality in a limited amount of time with our highly efficient AI Testing Solution. Testing is a process present in every company for quality assurance. Not every company does it smartly. Your company takes the first step towards smart testing techniques with the help of AI testing services from KiwiQA.

The Need For AI Testing

Does your company struggle with limited time for testing agile releases? Are you struggling with the poor quality product because there is not enough time or expertise to perform testing efficiently? Traditional testing solutions are not flexible and consume a lot of time from your end.

If you wish to enhance the quality of your end product while saving costs on testing, you need to invest in KiwiQA AI Testing Services. We are a leading AI Testing Company that helps you invest in smooth, seamless data and quality testing so that the quality of your product meets industrial benchmarks and easily launches in the market.

Quality Assurance Team Challenges in Agile Delivery

QA Team Challenges In Agile

How We Transform AI Testing Project?

How We Transform AI Testing Project

Our Offerings As A Leading AI Testing Company

    • All requirements are met by a single tool ( Functional, Load, API, Database)
    • The technology-agnostic automation that drives the application
    • AI-powered Test Automation which doesn’t require any coding.
    • Automation has become more democratic as a result of its ease of use.
    • Wireframe-based automation offers a shift left approach.
    • Democratization of automation due to simplicity

Benefits of Our AI Testing Services

Cost Reduction

AI testing services fill gaps in the testing cycles so that there are no losses or unnecessary spending of money. Instead, our testing services help reduce testing costs by 40 percent. If you are looking for cost-effective but intelligent testing solutions, our AI Testing Solution is the best option. 5X faster release cycles, 40% cost reduction.

Faster Product Release

AI testing services are highly efficient and versatile. With the help of our AI-powered testing services, your company will be able to speed up the product release cycle by 5 times.

Better Quality

The intelligent AI testing services offered by KiwiQA help improve the product quality and deliver a highly functional product. Around 90% Testing risk coverage.

Speedy Error Detection

Does your digital product show errors even after many testing cycles? KiwiQA AI testing services detect errors accurately and in seconds so that they can be eliminated just as fast.

Optimized Testing Resources

Do you think your company lacks proper testing solutions? Switch to our AI-powered testing solutions for perfectly optimized testing services ideal for any scale of software.

Reduced Support And Maintenance

Are maintenance cycles adding burdens of additional costs to the QA testing process? AI Testing Solutions from KiwiQA assist in creating higher product quality so that the need for maintenance arises very rarely.

Our Approach As A Leading AI Testing Company

KiwiQA takes a collaborative approach to the deployment of AI Testing solutions. The company specializes in AI testing services for companies of different scales. Your company can hire AI Testers who are well trained in the use of AI testing services for your digital products like apps.

Here are the reasons to choose us as testing partners in a collaborative approach to QA testing.

    • KiwiQA sets up a partnership with its client company for future testing endeavors.
    • Our team analyses the requirements of the testing project and create collateral and expectations.
    • We then create testing strategies for the deployment of our AI Testing Solution.
    • We assemble your QA team and mentor them for the application of our specialized AI Testing Solution.
    • KiwiQA team monitors the process of AI testing every week and manages any issues faced by the solutions.
    • Our team also collaborates with your company for any future testing projects or maintenance requests.

Our Partners

KiwiQA Partners

Why To Choose KiwiQA As Your Preferred AI Testing Solution Provider?

KiwiQA is a leading AI Testing Company specializing in creating specific AI Testing Solutions for its clients. Our AI testing services help small scale, large scale, and mid-scale organizations in rapid software testing and fault detection. Instead of traditional software testing services, we offer intelligent and intuitive testing solutions to speed up the QA testing process.

KiwiQA aims at providing fast-paced solutions for an equally fast-paced software development industry. Our team of professional AI testers assists development companies and professionals improve software app quality and features.

Here are the reasons to choose us as testing partners in a collaborative approach to QA testing.

    • Hire AI Testers who are professionally trained and highly knowledgeable in their field of work.
    • Improve your testing data security and protection with AI testing services from KiwiQA.
    • KiwiQA offers customized testing solutions that are highly productive for your company.
    • We have a timely reporting mechanism and monitoring process that streamlines your testing process.
    • KiwiQA takes a collaborative approach to QA testing where your company is an equal stakeholder.

Our Engagement Models for AI Testing

Model 1: End-2-End Managed Testing

  • Gap Analysis of current QA Process
  • Evaluate and select Tool
  • Provision of cloud testing environment
  • Planning roadmap for Automation transformation
  • Construct & Build Automation Suite
  • Test Automation Execution
  • Automation Process Optimization
  • Staffing of QA Resources
  • Formulate SLA
  • Fixed priced or T&M contracts

Model 2 : Transformation Roadmap (Short term)

  • Gap Analysis of current QA Process
  • Evaluate and select Tool
  • Automation transformation roadmap Planning
  • Build Automation Framework
  • Handover
  • Optimize Automation Process
  • SLA
  • Fixed priced

Model3: Demand Based Testing

  • Across Projects Shared Tool Provisioning
  • Complete Shared Test Lab
  • QA resources- On demand
  • Dedicated Test Manager
  • Performance Testing – On Demand
  • Compatibility testing – On Demand
  • Pay per use flexible Pricing model

Collaboration Overview

Collaboration Overview

AI Automation Tools Offerings

Key Features:

  • All in one Platform ( Functional, Load, API, Database , BI, Impact analysis)
  • Shift Left approach through script development from wireframe image
  • Supports 150 technologies for end-to-end testing
  • Matured tool with 10 years of track record
  • Comprehensive technical support and third-party partners
  • Free Open-source tool
  • Integrated Testing tool with Test Management, Market place & Device platforms combined
  • Easy English test case writing with recommendations
  • Enterprise upgrade and support available
  • Freedom of customization

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits Of AI Testing?

Testing is necessary because it ensures customer satisfaction within an application. AI testing eliminates all prospective failures since it is evaluated and examined under certain conditions. AI testing is necessary to enhance user accuracy, give better test coverage, improve regression tests, conduct visual testing, and save time and money.

Why Is AI Testing Important In Software Development?

AI testing in software development is necessary to eliminate human errors and ensure reliable & consistent test results. AI testing ensures that the testing is done seamlessly by integrating CI/CD pipelines into the development procedure. It significantly minimises manual efforts, improves test efficiency, and accelerates test cycles.

Which Aspects Are Tested In AI Testing?

AI testing ensures the system is perfect in performance, accuracy, fairness, and robustness. It ensures the system meets with all the regulatory compliances. AI testing must meet diverse compliances and cover various scenarios to promote accurate learning. AI testing also tests an application that meets with the security & performance testing.

How Can An AI Testing Company Enhance Software Quality?

In this rapidly evolving world of software development, ensuring software quality is necessary. AI testing is necessary to stimulate user behaviour & interactions to perform automated testing. AI testing identifies usability issues and offers actionable insights with a complete user experience evaluation. This is how AI testing ensures user satisfaction.

When Can AI Testing Reduce Operational Risks?

AI testing solutions enable the operational risk expert to make informed decisions by analysing huge amounts of data in real-time. It is necessary for evaluating the trends & patterns. This tool allows better solutions to potential risks and revolutionises risk management access. AI testing is necessary to analyse the real-time data and offer up-to-date information to the risk managers.

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