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End-users are continually expecting more from software, apps and website development companies. To make the situation even more challenging, regulatory bodies are frequently making changes in regulations to safeguard the interests of all stakeholders. Consequently, companies are constantly having to review and revise their services and products to meet the changing landscape and demands put upon them.  

At KiwiQA, we offer best-in-class software testing consulting services. With deep industry insight and the application of the latest methodologies and technologies, we help our clients to deliver better products. Our Test Centre consulting services are aimed at helping our clients define and establish a TCoE (Test Centre of Excellence) where predictable outcomes are the norm.

Why Do You Need Software Testing Consulting Services?

Being a leading testing consulting company, KiwiQA helps organisations improve their software testing and QA processes, while designing strategies to ensure the highest quality  in their development process.

Software development companies have a lot of competition in today’s market.  Being first to deliver a product or service is key to success and keeping that position in the market is supported by superior software.

KiwiQA helps its client to deliver high-quality products to market more efficiently, predictably and effectively than they could otherwise achieve on their own with minimal rework due to bugs and poor performance.  Our high detection rate significantly reduces rework and delays to delivery and our AGILE approach ensures that defects are found as early as possible in the process.

KiwiQA’s ASSIST aids in formulating:

  • Test Strategy and Governance
  • Test Process Crafting and Implementation
  • Test Process Automation and Technology Solutions
  • Test Point Solutions

ASSIST Framework

What We Offer?

At KiwiQA, we offer the best Test Center consultancy services, and enable our clients to leverage the skills and experience of our testing professionals to expand their company capabilities.

We offer a broad array of consulting services, including:

    • Comprehensive health check-ups for the organisation’s existing QA processes
    • Detailed analysis of how your software test process stacks up against the industry best practices
    • Introduce you to mandatory industry and regulatory standards
    • Help you understand how your competitors function
    • Provide recommendations for enhancing your software testing capabilities and quality processes
    • Support to establish an advanced software testing laboratory

Why Choose Us?

KiwiQA is a leading software testing company, and we offer quality-focused testing services to our clients. Apart from the strategic testing assignment, we also aid our clients with testing consultancy and aid them with specific projects.

Our testing excellence can help you along  your NextGen QA and software testing journey by facilitating your development of an advanced testing strategy, end-to-end governance, process solutions and recommendations for improving your existing testing framework.

KiwiQA’s consulting team is focused on creating value-driven solutions for our customers. While software testing is becoming more streamlined to cut on extra cost and ensuring superior quality, we believe there is a lot of scope for the creation of value-driven solutions which will decrease cost while ensuring improvement in quality. We believe in innovating new ways of creating value by:

  • Ensuring superior software quality
  • Reduction in Cost of Quality (CoQ)
  • Continuous value creation

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What makes us different?

    • We help our clients define a target operating model along with an implementation roadmap, identifying “quick wins” and those goals which may take a little longer
    • We help you to define your improvement objectives and the associated organisational change management activities
    • We help  our clients to design a test service management function equipped with a monitoring and control framework to ensure that it works!

Frequently Asked Questions

What role does QA Consulting company play in software development?

The QA consulting company plays a huge role in the client’s software development. Many companies have software developers but not testers, and they outsource these tasks to QA consulting companies. The QA consulting company analyses and executes the digital product’s different code blocks to ensure it is running error-free.

What is Software Testing Consulting?

Software testing consulting is the practice of offering advice on the testing procedures of software and network systems. Testing of software is an important step before deployment of the same. The testing professionals who do software testing consultancy are all experts who devise ways of effective testing for different software types.

Which areas do QA consulting services typically focus on?

QA consulting services offered by software consultants include process improvement, introducing test automation, and streamlining test procedures for better results and lesser turnaround times. Testing processes are audited by the QA consulting team working with client companies. QA professionals and companies offer advisory and analysis services.

What are the advantages of hiring a Software QA Consultant for my organization?

The most notable advantage of hiring a software QA consultant is the improvement of testing processes and stages to streamline the whole algorithm. The client company benefits because professional testers take lesser time and effort to QA test the software. This means lesser time to deployment and higher quality of the software.

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