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With the advancement in the technology, automation has become an integral part of almost every industry. Undoubtedly, automation helps in saving time, accelerating the processes, saving money and above all, enhancing the overall productivity. Owing to its benefits, automation has also been adopted in the software testing domain, and automated testing has become one of the fastest and most reliable methods of testing mobile apps and software for flawlessness.

At KiwiQA, we offer outstanding QA Automation testing services focused on helping our clients with faster testing to shorten the time to market for the apps and software. KiwiQA is one of the leading firms facilitating high-quality automation testing services with unmatched efficacy and efficiency.

The Need For Automated Testing

Today, the automation testing services are garnering immense popularity and acceptance, and have become the core of the testing strategy for achieving digital transformation. The major driving factors which accentuate on the need for the test automation include:

    • In today’s fast-paced economy, there is a high need for the fast, reliable, cost-effective and accurate testing methodology which can ideally match the requirements of the current increasingly complex business process ecosystem.
    • High demand for the compliance, responsiveness and traceability with the real-time analytics dashboards.
    • The evident digital disruption leading to the accelerated frequency of change in the product release cycles with relatively short go-to-market time frames.

All these factors, stress on the need for a testing methodology which can work faster, deliver better results and offers high accuracy.

K-FAST Automation Framework

Automation projects at KiwiQA utilize a proprietary, home-grown framework called K-FAST, an acronymic for KiwiQA’s Framework for Automated Software Testing.

K-FAST is a 7-stage framework that traverses through every stage of Software Automation Testing. The stages are as depicted in the figure. The framework begins from the Design of the test automation strategy, running all the way to the preparation of the test execution summary report. The stages are : K-FAST

  • Define Test Automation Strategy
  • Identify Tests automatically
  • Test Script development
  • Build process setup with CI
  • Execution environment set-up
  • Test results analysis
  • Test Execution summary report

K-FAST is built over Selenium web driver along with TestNG, which helps us integrate seamlessly with Jenkins (CI), execute tests automatically and generate results in multiple formats.  The K-FAST structure diagram is as follows.

K-FAST is being used at KiwiQA to test almost all the web/mobile applications in conjunction with the customer.

K-FAST Process

The framework helps KiwiQA execute and manage automation projects with Ease, Speed and Accuracy.

Our Automated Testing Services

We at KiwiQA believe that the test automation in the software testing domain is one of the most crucial assets for driving down the overall cost of testing whilst supporting the increased frequency of the release cycles, in order to ensure that the new application upgrades, features and functionality can be rolled out in a faster manner.

We offer an array of automation testing services, and these include:

    • Automation Testing Consultancy
    • Test Automation and ROI Assessment
    • Test Automation Framework Implementation
    • Automated Regression Testing
    • Automated Functional Testing
    • Test Automation For Mobile application
    • Test Automation For Desktop application
    • Test Automation for Web application
    • Test Automation Reporting and Documentation

      Test Automation
      Test Automation

Why Choose KiwiQA?

KiwiQA possesses a technically enriched QA automation testing team comprising of seasoned and skilled automation test engineers who clearly comprehend that how automation in testing should be approached and what are the best practices for this methodology. We leverage the most advanced tools and latest technologies to design the automation oriented test cases and for implementing them. Our comprehensive reporting services ensure detailed documentation of the testing to aid clients with vital information pertaining to the execution of test cases and obtained results.

The top benefits of leveraging the test automation services offered by KiwiQA include:

    • Improved testing efficiency and accurate results
    • Facilitation of efficacious testing services critical for the digital transformation initiatives
    • Complete mitigation of the human error risk through multiple iterations of the test execution
    • Significantly reduced overall testing effort leading to tangible cost benefits for the clients
    • Better identification of performance issues, coding defects, bugs and errors with much higher level of consistency in the test coverage

With KiwiQA’s unsurpassed testing automation benefits, get ready to witness excellent reviews for your mobile apps and software products. Contact Us Today, if you have any query or to inquire more about our test automation services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Automation Testing in QA service?

Automation testing in Quality Assurance (QA) services often involves a software testing approach that uses automated techniques and tools, and scripts to verify expected outcomes and perform test cases. It focuses on writing test scripts that stimulate interactions and actions of users, allowing for more efficient and faster testing. Automation testing in QA helps to improve test coverage, reduce manual efforts and enable frequent regression testing to ensure the quality and stability of software applications. It helps to identify the defects early in the software development lifecycle.

Why do we Need Automation Testing service?

There are many reasons that you need automation testing services. It has been found that Automation testing helps to enhance testing efficiency by reducing the required effort and time for executing mundane and repetitive test cases. These testing services are also helpful in identifying defects in the early stage of the development cycle and giving quicker feedback on software quality. Moreover, these testing services improve test coverage, increase accuracy by minimizing human errors in manual testing, enhance productivity, and accelerate time-to-market.

What are the Types of Automation Testing?

Automation testing has different types that help to cater to different aspects of software testing. It has some common types, such as functional testing, regression testing, API testing, performance testing, database testing, and UI testing.

Here, functional testing verifies the software’s functionality, regression testing helps to ensure new updates or changes by testing its functionality, and API testing validates the integration and functionality of APIs.Moreover, performance testing assesses system performance; integration testing verifies the compatibility and interaction between different components or models of the software, and unit testing ensures individual components work efficiently.

Which platform is best for automation testing?

Many factors, like the target audience, the type of testing applications, and the testing requirements, significantly contribute to deciding the choice of the best platform for automation testing. Some popular platforms for automation testing are web applications, desktop applications, mobile applications, and cross-platform applications. It has been found that Selenium is often used for web application testing as it supports different programming languages, while Appium is used for mobile application testing as it supports different devices. Xamarin and React Native often use cross-platform applications, whileTestComplete is often used for automating the testing of desktop applications as it supports different platforms and technologies.

How K-Fast Automation Framework Works?

K-Fast Automation Framework is often used for automated software testing involving 7-stage frameworks. It includes defining test automation strategy, determining the automatic tests, testing script development, developing process setup with CI, implementing environment set-up, testing results analysis, and testing the executive summary report. This K-Fast Automation Framework is developed with TestNG over Selenium web driver that helps to execute tests automatically, integrate Jenkins (CI), and generate outcomes in different formats. Such an automated framework is being utilized to test the entire mobile or web applications with the users.

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