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Even in the era of automation, the manual software testing services play a crucial role in  ensuring flawlessness of the developed software. At KiwiQA, we provide quality focused manual testing services to ensure that the software being tested is ideal for usage and there aren’t any performance issues which can affect the usability or effectiveness of the software.

KiwiQA is a leading manual testing company,which possesses a team of veteran testing experts who excel at carrying out comprehensive manual testing services. We provide high-quality and reliable manual testing services to our clients at competitive prices.

Why Manual Testing Is Important?

Today’s software development environment and market scenario is characterized by the frequent releases and rapid delivery. Consequently, automation in every aspect of development has become necessary, including software testing. While automation adds value to the overall testing with its time-effectiveness, precision, reusability and repeatability, but, there are certain areas where manual testing is inevitable in the functional testing process.

Manual testing is one of the most successful testing approaches for finding the critical defects. It leverages techniques like logical reasoning and inferences to find out some of the bugs or issues which sometimes get ignored by the automation testing. The manual testing is carried from the perspective of the end user, and thus, it significantly helps in improving the products’ user experience and usability.

K-RASINS Framework

Test Cases document template/tool based template at KiwiQA follows Test Case with a set of inputs, execution preconditions, and expected outcomes developed for a particular objective, that are based on business workflows h or to verify compliance with a specific requirement. At KiwiQA, Test Engineers follow “K-RASINS” (as illustrated below) a proprietary methodology for designing test cases, that help achieve maximum coverage. The automated Test Scripts also are designed using a homegrown automation framework that facilitates Scheduling, Execution and Managing the scripts on a day-to-day basis.


What We Offer?

KiwiQA is one of the widely renowned software testing and QA services provider that offers world-class manual testing services. Being one of the pioneering QA firms, we have built a distinct niche for ourselves in the manual testing domain. Our “Manual Testing of Excellence” is comprised of seasoned test architects and engineers, who are highly qualified and certified for carrying out the Manual testing services.

We, at KiwiQA, are here to check the quality of the software primarily and then check the conditions and features of the made software manually. Hence, the Manual Software Testing process signifies a complete and 100% surety of you having the best-tested software in your hand.

Our manual testing services include:

    • Unit Testing
    • System Integration Testing (SIT)
    • System Testing
    • Regression Testing
    • API testing
    • Compatibility Testing
    • Testcase Creation Activity
    • Cross-browser Testing
    • Multiplatform Testing
    • Software Product Testing
    • W3C/ HIG Compliance Testing
    • Mobile App Testing

The process overview of SOPs followed at KiwiQA is illustrated below. The steps followed and activities vary in terms of Agile and waterfall development models.

Product test strategy
Product test strategy


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