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Exploratory Testing Services

What is Exploratory Testing?

Exploratory testing is a kind of software testing in which the test case is not decided earlier. Here the testers generally keep the ideas noted on which aspects to test prior executing the same. Prime aim of exploratory testing is to make the process more strategic and optimized. It is extensively used in case of agile models, where the focus remains on investigating, rather than following traditional ways.

Undoubtedly, the tester enjoys greater freedom with these types of testing. At the same time, the tester has to take complete responsibility as well of the output; he/she can’t just blame tools.

Why Exploratory Testing Is Necessary?

The following aspects make Exploratory testing highly relevant in modern times:

  1. It is effective in terms of quick identification of major issues, and thus in developing tools for addressing real-world issues.

  2. Exploratory testing is a better manageable method and significant from an education perspective.

  3. It can be easily combined with other testing approaches; this is the reason it is more suitable from a functional testing perspective.

  4. Significantly minimizes the needs of test scripting.

  5. It is highly effective as far as figuring out untested functionalities of the applications is concerned.

Our Exploratory Testing Services

KiwiQA is known for offering all-inclusive exploratory testing services of best standard. In this context, we follow a process of highly optimized steps, as discussed below.

Defect Categorization

This is about finding basic flaws in the application, categorizing the bugs figured out in earlier editions and thus coming up with right way of testing the application for same defects.

Charter Development

This step is about preparing a strategic schedule of things to be tested and figuring out the modes of testing.

Fixed Time Testing

Here the testing is done for a certain period of time, taking various aspects into account.

Analyzing Test Results

In this step, the test outcomes are analyzed post completion of each step.

Test Result Compilation

This step is executed by a team of experts who compile the outcomes, sort in a strategic way, and compare with a prime charter to ensure no more testing is needed.

Our 5 Step Approach As A Leading Exploratory Testing Company

1. Classification of Bug

This step is to classify the kind of faults found in earlier projects, analyzing their causes, detecting risks, and preparing testing ideas.

2. Test Charter

In this, we suggest things to be tested, how to test the same, and things to look forward to. This step is to set the way end-user has to use the system.

3. Time Box

In this step, our testers respond to the way system perceives, and when needed, fix it for desired result.

4. Review of Output

This step is reviewing the flaws and analyzing the process.

5. Briefing

Here we compile the outcomes, do a comparison with charter, and find whether any more testing is desired.

Why to Choose Us for Exploratory Testing Services?

The following aspects distinguish us from the rest for exploratory testing service providers:

1. Budget-Friendly Service

We offer best quality service at cheapest budget, which can be further customized as per the level of testing.

2. Massive Experience

We at KiwiQA are enriched with a massive dedicated team for exploratory testing with a proven record.

3. Quickest Possible Delivery

Distinguishing part about our service has been about using the perfect combination of using human intuition and automation techniques to deliver quick and best output.

4. Safety Assurance

We at KiwiQA guarantee about complete safety and confidentiality of the client’s applications.

5. Enriched with High-End Tools

We are enriched with most advanced tools for exploratory testing, starting from Selenium, SoapUI to WiMax, and ensuring bug-free software delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Situations Benefit From Exploratory Testing?

Mostly in agile projects, all software development approaches are rapid, and the time available for executing the tests is very little. Therefore, exploratory testing is what is recommended for such scenarios. This enables the tester to feel free to implement any kind of test to the system to detect the maximum possible bugs.

Why Is Exploratory Testing Valuable?

Exploratory testing is valuable because it ensures that you do not miss out on the vital edge cases which might later lead to severe issues in the system. Following that, this testing approach is also used for aiding the unit test processes and even for documenting the step. The information collected will then be used for conducting further extensive tests.

When Should Exploratory Testing Be Conducted?

At times, when the developers or the QA team want to learn about an application or a software product quickly and provide immediate feedback, exploratory testing is highly recommended. This helps the professionals review the product quality from the users’ perspective and then recommend changes required.

What Are The Key Goals Of Exploratory Testing?

The goals associated with exploratory testing approaches include revealing the defects that were missed during the other tests. This approach totally relies on how the individual tester intends to discover the bugs. It is their analytical and critical thinking ability that comes to work. Moreover, exploratory testing also helps enhance the overall resource knowledge and productivity.

Why Is Adaptability Crucial In Exploratory Testing?

Exploratory testing enables professionals to learn through the adoption of test designs as the discovery of new information. Adaptability is important for this test approach as it is of a dynamic nature, which demands the testers to explore the application or product continually in real time to detect bugs or issues.

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