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Big Data and Analytics Testing

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Owing to the increased significance of analytics of data in order to better serve the customers, most of the enterprises these days are investing in Big Data. Big Data is nothing, but a collection of colossal data collected in structured and unstructured manner from an array of sources.

In order to leverage the Big Data for the benefit of the organization, it’s important to use it in a right manner and ensure that it possesses the right information. We, at KiwiQA offer best-in-class big data and analytics testing services which help in validating the collected data and deliver comprehensive data quality analysis.

The Need For Big Data Testing

Today, the competition between the different brands has become so stiff that every brand or enterprise is trying its best to acquire a bigger share of customers. As a result, both conventional and digital marketing tools are not enough to gain an edge over the competitors, and that’s why, it has become critical for businesses to deliver personalized services to its customers for retaining them.

The Big Data helps in analyzing the customer behavior and also enables the businesses to understand the market trends so that they can modify their products and offerings to match up the customers’ expectations. This is why, Big Data is so important for businesses. But, in order to deliver the right insights, it’s vital to ensure that the big data an enterprise is using is flawless, correct and free of any issues. That’s how the big data analytics testing comes into play.

The Big Data testing services validate the quality of big data and help in finding out that the data is flawless to ensure that it delivers the right insights.

What We Offer?

We offer our clients a broad spectrum of big data analytics testing services, including:

    • Big Data Sources Extraction Testing
    • Data Migration Testing
    • Big Data Ecosystem Testing
    • Security Testing
    • Performance Testing
    • Data Analytics And Visualization Testing
    • Big Data Integration And Repository Testing
    • Analytic Layer Testing

Why Choose KiwiQA?

We, at KiwiQA offer the best solutions for all the potential problems which a new age big data application or a big data solution can encounter before being validated at QA levels. Our big data testing methodology complies with the international quality standards and the big data benchmarks to ensure the best results. We have built exhaustive big data test cases for faster completion of the testing cycle and our accurate data quality analysis ensures the required data quality for the business users to make the right decisions.

To provide reduced time to market, we use accuracy oriented automated test cases. Also, our big data and analytics testing focus on ensuring the big data being tested does not have any loopholes or security issues which may impact its usage for deriving insights and supporting business decisions. Our team of qualified testers works with superior steadfastness to deliver the best results in the shortest time frame.

With KiwiQA’s unsurpassed big data and analytics testing benefits, get ready to witness millions of app downloads, huge acceptance of your software and excellent reviews. Contact Us Today, if you have any query or want to inquire more about our Big Data Testing services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Challenges In Big Data Testing?

Finding the necessary data from the large data volume is becoming a real challenge for quality analysis and business. When the QA team performs big data testing, they meet with multiple challenges such as storage issues, processing issues, security problems, evaluating and fixing data quality problems, scaling big data systems, and checking real-time insights.

Which Technologies Are Commonly Used In Big Data Testing?

Big data testing is classified into four categories: data mining, data storage, data visualisation, and data analytics. Each technology is associated with certain tools: Apache Hadoop, Rapidminer, Presto, and MongoDB. Tableau, Looker, Apache Spark, and Splunk are some more technologies used in big data testing.

Why Is Data Security A Concern In Big Data Testing?

Data security is the biggest concern in big data testing for all organisations, individuals, and governments as the cyber-attacks. Data security continues to rise in terms of severity and frequency. Cybercrime costs over $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. Due to these alarming reasons, companies are more concerned about the big data testing procedure.

How Can Automation Be Used In Big Data Testing?

With the help of Data Analytics, developers and QA testing can get uncountable benefits. The procedure of evaluating and inspecting datasets to conclude the information gathered is known as data analytics. Data automation includes a combination of various processing methodologies and multiple techniques. The QA team uses tools such as HDFA, HBase, HiveQL, and MapReduce to automate big data testing.

Can Big Data Testing Help Optimize Data Pipelines?

Big data testing helps optimize data pipelines in terms of pipeline cost-effectiveness and efficiency. It helps to test the data pipelines regularly and continuously. Testing helps for fixing any errors and gaps in the data pipelines and fix bugs. Big data testing ensures that the data pipelines meet all the requirements and expectations.

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