5 Tips To Drive Business Values From Test Automation

top 5 tips for test automation
21Nov, 2018

We are living and working in a world, where time is given the most priority. We need to deliver quality products in very less time. Here comes a scenario where committing mistakes is not affordable.

The sector of Information Technology struggles every day trying to beat such a scenario. In order to deliver superior quality products within the stipulated time, they have to consider making smart moves. Here, in this case, they have to choose test automation over manual testing for better productivity and faster deliverance. The traditional manual testing method cannot simply help to keep up in this fast paced world where we need to match up time in order to grow.

The Benefits of Test Automation

  • Test automation is time efficient
  • Test automation features greater test coverage
  • Test automation enhances the productivity
  • Test automation is more reliable
  • Test automation enhances the accuracy
  • Test automation decreases effort

This being said, however, in order to implement automation testing successfully, the business firms need careful and accurate planning. They need to plan out the correct strategy that will yield them a fortune. Being under the influence of unrealistic expectation will not gain any fruit.

Tips for Implementing Test Automation Successfully

Here are some tips that can help businesses in successfully implementing automation testing for their QA requirements.

  1. Set up Clearly Defined Goals and Objective

It is very crucial to have the objectives clearly defined. Having clear goals can help businesses avail the true benefits of test automation. On the contrary, just taking up test automation as a management control, would not really benefit.

  1. Leave Scope for Manual Testing Where Needed

Although test automation is the best choice for QA analysis, yet some tasks require human intervention or manual testing approach.

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  1. Regular Maintenance Should Be Prioritized For Test Automation

The efficacy of every test needs to be constantly evaluated. New scripts need to be written for getting new directions and features.

  1. Your Strategy for Management of Test Data Should Be Clear and Precise

For testing important software, it is very crucial to retrieve the important test data strategically. If the required test data are not available, then it may lead to an undesirable effect on software testing.

  1. Ensure Your Automation Testing Tools Match Your Team’s Expertise

Many types of automated testing solutions can be found in the market. However, everything may not suit the requirements of a particular business firm. Hence, selecting the correct tool is very crucial for a business.

Adhering to and following these necessary tips and guidelines can help business firms in successfully implementing test automation for their QA processes.

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