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Selecting the Right Regression Testing Tools
23Nov, 2018

Best Practices to Follow for Regression Testing: Selecting the Right Regression Testing Tools

Regression testing is a process of assuring the changes made to the test do not have unintended consequences on the behaviour of the test object. It is performed post the changes are made to the software code. Though there exists a great deal of discussion on what practices to follow for regression tests, there is […]

Common Test Automation Mistakes And Solutions
22Nov, 2018

Common Test Automation Mistakes And Solutions

As the demand for delivering enhanced software is increasing, businesses are moving towards adopting test automation. The test automation approach is increasing business productivity and helping companies yield greater outcomes in a shorter time duration. However, many business firms are committing some common mistakes while implementing test automation. This is the reason they are facing […]

why business OPT Automation
19Nov, 2018

Why A Business Should Opt for Test Automation?

Software testing or QA is very crucial in all types of businesses. Mistakes can be sometimes very expensive to cope up with and can yield a huge loss. Hence, effective testing is necessary to check product quality before delivering or marketing. That being said, implementing the right and appropriate testing method is essential too. Testing […]