Benefits of Testing Your Website from Different IP Locations

Benefits of Testing Your Website from Different IP Locations
21Jul, 2020

Today, every business wants to reach out to maximum customers in different corners of the globe. As your website may appear different to people living in different geo-locations, it is important to test the website from various IP locations. It helps in ensuring a friendly website for users around the globe, decreasing the bounce rates, and increasing the conversion rate. Here are some of the top benefits of testing your website from different locations.

1. Gain Competitive Edge

The website is an important component of every business. It keeps the customers informed about the products, services, and other important aspects of the business. In the current digital era, the number of business websites is increasing. This creates a tough competition among the businesses in the digital market. Testing the website from various IP locations can help in providing you with a competitive edge over others. It helps in ensuring that your website offers a clear view and easy accessibility to the people living in different geographical areas.

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2. Ensure Proper Geo-targeting

Viewing the website from various IP locations enables you to test geo-targeting effectively. Different countries interact with the website in different ways. Through geo-targeting, you can ensure that your website is able to deliver localized content as per the location of the user. It also helps in finding the SEO ranking of your website in different countries across the globe.

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3. Enables Effective Geo-tagging

Geo-tagging enables businesses to use geographical tags in the different media elements like photos, QR codes, videos, and more. It helps in making your website easily accessible for the customers residing in different geographical locations. By testing your website from different IP locations, you can be able to find out whether your targeted users can find your geo-tagged media and access your website or not.

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4. Improves Geo-fencing

Geo-fencing is an effective way of sending personalized notifications. It enables you to send a notification to the users by leveraging the geographical location provided by the user when using your website. By testing the website from different IP locations, you can verify whether the right notification is sent to the user on crossing the defined geographical perimeter.

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5. Enhances Localization

Localization is an important component that helps in ensuring that your website provides the appropriate look and feel as per the particular geographic location. It enables your website to reflect the content to the users in the native language. It also ensures that the pricing page is as per the country-specific currency. Testing websites from various IP locations helps in evaluating the effectiveness of website localization. It checks whether the language, spelling, time, and currency is as per the location or not.

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6. Enables Effective Geo-Blocking

Geo blocking helps in applying restrictions on the website according to the norms as well as laws of the country. Testing your website from various IP locations helps in testing the functionality of the geo blocks. It ensures that the photos, as well as videos displayed on your website, adhere to the country-specific norms.

With effective geo-location testing, your website is sure to gain more success and better returns.

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