Top 12 Challenges and Solutions in Test Automation of E-commerce Websites

Challenges and Solutions in Test Automation of E-commerce Websites
25Jun, 2019

At present, e-commerce websites are flourishing in the market. Many retailers are trying to switch into online shops because of their increased demand. However, it is not necessary that every online shop will succeed. Some challenges in this arena affect the business especially testing your e-commerce website with the help of automation testing.

Challenges and Solutions in Test Automation of E-commerce Websites

Challenge 1: Choosing A Test Approach

It is very important to choose the right testing approach before you go for test tools. You have to decide how you will approach to meet the goal of testing. You can do it by manual or automated, but you need to define specific criteria for every test case. So, this is a big challenge that comes at first when you go for test automation of e-commerce websites.

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Solution: To tackle this challenge, you need to pay attention to things like functional regions and elements so that they do not pose negative impacts on the overall success of the website.

Challenge 2: Choosing Test Tools

This is another big challenge that demands lots of attention. If you do not choose the right testing tool, it will hamper the success of the test directly. There are several regions due to which choosing tools are challenging, for instance, lack of expertise, lack of knowledge, cost, etc.

Solution: To deal with this situation, you need to form such a team that can assess the available tools.

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Challenge 3: Constant Integration

E-commerce websites require integration from the third party to maintain a smooth workflow. With this integration, the websites manage fraud orders, tax calculations, etc.

Solution: With test automation, several elements can be managed easily and effectively like loyalty management, e-certificates, etc.

Challenge 4: Changing Data

In this rapidly changing business, you need to change the products and services of your website regularly to meet the changing demands and behaviours of customers.

Solution: You have to be updated with the latest trends so that you can make necessary changes in the data of your products and services. With test automation, you can test frameworks, test scripts, and data used.

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Challenge 5: Effective Collaboration of Teams

E-commerce websites need effective collaboration between its developers, testers, and automation engineers. It requires a lot of communication, collaboration, foresight, and planning. It might create acute issues, so, it is indeed a big challenge in automation testing of e-commerce websites.

Solution: In order to meet this challenge, teams must involve actively in automation. They must have decent and productive communication to yield positive results.

Challenge 6: Gradual Change in Customer Behaviour

As behaviour of customers is constantly changing, if you do not make changes according to them, it becomes difficult to survive in the market.

Solution: During festivals, physical stores lower their price or offer exciting deals to increase their customers. Similarly, you can also make some changes in user interface and functionality with a change in codes and testing.

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Challenge 7: Technology Upgrade

Technology change in e-commerce websites always keeps the developers and testers busy. They need to upgrade the websites in accordance with the current technology for better user experience.

Solution: For this, testers need to set up a unique test environment each time. They also must periodically test the functionality of the websites to assess everything is working well or not.

Challenge 8: Customer Profiles

You can find varying customer profile on an e-commerce website. They range from beginners to experienced ones. So, test simulation for varying customer profiles is a challenge for the testing team.

Solution: To meet the demands of customers with varying profiles, testing must simulate such customers with automation testing.

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Challenge 9: Business Environment

The business environment is another challenge in the test automation of e-commerce websites. It is because the simulation for things like shipping cost, dispatch, delivery, tax, credit card issues, etc. is a challenge.

Solution: To tackle this problem, choose the right automation tools that can yield accurate results so that when you go for simulation, you do not face such problems.

Challenge 10: Security

Cyber hacking is a rapidly growing disease on the internet. There are high chances that hackers can sneak malware into your website. There is no standard defined for security testing. As a result, for testers, it becomes one of the greatest challenges.

Solution: Thanks to modern technology, there are some tools available that can test your website for its security. You must not think much of the cost when it comes to security.

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Challenge 11: Acquiring Skilled Testers

Many people think testing is an easy task, and anybody or any developer can perform it. But it is not true. The work of testers is challenging, so, you need to hire software testers who are skilled at this work.

Solution: Create a testing team who are focused on designing, implementing, and configuring test automation on e-commerce websites.

Challenge 12: Capital Investment

It is challenging because you need to select software and hardware for test automation according to the budget.

Solution: You need to choose software and hardware which are licensed and operative. If you decide to go with a low cost or free open source tools for automation, you must devote some time for its maintenance and training.

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