Difference Between Testing and Debugging

Difference between Testing and Debugging
20Feb, 2019

Software testing is currently one of the most trending professions among IT enthusiasts. While appearing an interview for a testing job, the first question that the students face is to explain the difference between testing and debugging. Though the question is pretty common to expect, yet not too many people manage to provide accomplishing answer in this regard. The prime reason behind this is the lack of fundamental. Mostly the fresher do fail to distinguish between the two.

About Testing

To understand testing, it is basically a testing procedure to know whether the system is functioning well or in regular fashion as it was expected for doing. Testing is primarily done by the testing professionals in order to figure out the flaws in the system. In general, they test whether the real outcome of the testing falls in line with the anticipated outcome.

A tester can perform testing using the usual manual methods, as well as using the automated methods. The problems are addressed against the entire flawed instances and connect to the developer’s team for doing the debugging and making the requisite fixation. Once the bug is fixed, the tester then goes for additional testing for the bugs detected. Additionally, they go for checking whether the issue remains there or not. In such occasions, one may go for Defect Life Cycle for better solutions.

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About Debugging

Coming to debugging, it can be understood as the actions taken by the coders to address the bugs detected in the system. It’s basically a manual process that is followed in a methodical step by step way, unmanaged and variable method to spot and eradicate a certain bug from the device.

In most occasions, debugging is done by the coders to address the issues in the device. As per the flaws found in the reports generated, the developers then go for analysis of the primary reason behind the flaw. Naturally, they take action in accordance to turn the system free of issues.

Testing Videos

Software Testing PodcastsIt is essential for the developers to address the code to turn the real outcome equivalent as of the desired outcome. Through the help of information provided in the flaw that the coder follows as per the methods specified, and address the loopholes in the specific code. In such cases, they may also go for using a distinct tool for the purpose of debugging. Upon addressing the flaw, the developer delivers back the issue to the tester for testing once again.

So, explained above are primarily the functional differences between the two. Provided below is a detailed analysis of the difference between the two.


Testing Vs. Debugging

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  1. Testing is something that starts with known cases with desired outcomes. On the other hand, debugging is a manual method that is followed in a step by step way. It is a comparatively unstructured and untrustworthy method to figure out and addresses the specific issue from the system.
  2. Testing, in general, is performed in accordance with the kind of method recommended by the testing unit. Starting from unit testing to devise testing and testing of performance, everything is performed. In comparison, debugging is done as per the kind of bug.
  3. One can do testing with proper planning, designing, and execution strategy. On the other hand, debugging can’t really be such strategic in nature.
  4. Testing can be understood as the process to figure out the flaw in the applied code. In comparison, debugging is the method to address the failure of the code.
  5. Testing is all about explaining the error with the right method. Debugging can be understood as the process to make things simpler.
  6. An error has to be displayed in case of testing; whereas, with debugging, the developer deduces the method.
  7. In the case of testing, it is not really needed for the professional to possess the design knowledge for performing testing jobs. One can simply learn to test and do it. On the other hand, for debugging, the professional needs to possess complete design knowledge for handling the tasks.
  8. Testing is not necessary to be team dependent; it can be outsourced as well. On the other hand, debugging is impossible to be outsourced to the third party; a debugger has to be an integral part of the developing team.
  9. Testing in many ways can be automated. Coming to debugging, automation is simply impossible.
  10. Finally, testing is the process to spot out the bugs within the system to be tested. Coming to debugging, it is the way to figure out the primary reason behind the bug to appear.

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Final Verdict

Though one can distinguish testing and debugging in many ways, one can simply differentiate that debugging is done by the developers and testing is done by the testers. It means that a developer debugs or fixes the flaws detected by the testers through the process of debugging. The outcome of debugging is the flaw goes addressed and can be made available for testing again.

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