Embracing The New Year : KiwiQA’s Journey Into 2024

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08Jan, 2024

As we venture into 2024, there’s an undeniable air of excitement and anticipation that envelops us. This new year is not just a change in the calendar; it represents a realm of new opportunities, untapped potential, and thrilling explorations awaiting us. At KiwiQA, we stand at the threshold of a new era, eager to chart a course into unexplored territories.

Our journey thus far has been remarkable, marked by achievements, learning, and growth. But what lies ahead is even more promising. We’re poised to elevate our efforts, reaching new pinnacles of success. The spirit of innovation and collaboration that runs deep within the KiwiQA family is our driving force, propelling us forward.

Celebrating Our Achievements in 2023

Reflecting on the past year, we have much to celebrate. Our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in quality assurance led to the attainment of prestigious certifications like ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001, and ISO 27701. These accomplishments not only underscore our dedication to quality and security but also reinforce our position as industry leaders.

We’ve also made significant strides in enhancing our team structure. By fostering a more cohesive and efficient working environment, we’ve been able to streamline our processes and improve our service delivery. Our focus on security and accessibility, particularly through WCAG 2.0 services, has further established us as a company that prioritizes inclusivity and safety in digital solutions.

Moreover, the establishment of a dedicated outbound sales team is a step toward realizing our grand vision for 2030. This strategic move aims to expand our reach and solidify our presence in the competitive landscape of quality assurance.

Our Vision For 2024

Looking ahead, our sights are set on several key initiatives. Collaborating with enterprise customers is a major focal point for us in 2024. This endeavor will allow us to bring our expertise to larger organizations, offering them top-tier QA solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Expanding our footprint in Australia is another critical objective. By developing a strong local team, we aim to provide more personalized services to our clients in the region, tapping into its vast potential.

Central to our mission in 2024 is our commitment to employee and customer satisfaction. We believe that the success of our organization is deeply intertwined with the well-being and happiness of our team and clients. Thus, nurturing a positive and productive work environment and delivering outstanding customer experiences remain our top priorities.

Additionally, the implementation of Centers of Excellence in Gaming and Salesforce is a bold step towards specialization and innovation. These centers will be hubs of expertise, driving forward-thinking solutions and setting new benchmarks in these domains.

A Toast To The Future

As we embark on this exciting journey into 2024, the KiwiQA family is united in its ambition and determination. We’re ready to face new challenges, seize new opportunities, and make this year a landmark in our ongoing saga of growth and success. Here’s to a year of breakthroughs, innovation, and unparalleled achievements. Happy 2024!

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