Guide To Choose The Best Test Management Tool

Guide To Choose Best Test Management Tool
08Jan, 2019

As testing is an important aspect to release the best software product to the market, businesses are willing to invest in good quality Test Management Tools. Every organization wants its testing tools to be superior, offering an edge over its competitors.  Well, true enough, an efficient Test Management Tool can help you in strengthening and improving your testing approach and methodologies. This can, in turn, allow you to get high ROI and beat your rivals.

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But don’t you think that with the large variety of Test Management Tools available in the market, choosing the best one has become quite a difficult task? Well, if you think so, you are probably not wrong. Different tools are available at different prices, offering different functionalities. Now how to figure out which one can best suit your requirement? Here is a guide that can help you in choosing an efficient Test Management Tool. So let’s go on and discuss.

Points To Consider While Investing In a Test Management Tool

1. Improves The Overall Productivity

The testers are experiencing many challenges to cope up with the rapidly changing technology and the requirement for testing on various platforms. As manual testing consumes a lot of time, the best way of dealing with such a challenge is adopting test automation.

However, there are many other factors to consider for improving a tool’s efficiency. These factors can be effective release management, test management, and insightful reporting. Choosing the right Test Management Tool will offer huge support in enhancing these parameters.

2. Provides Agile Support

In today’s market, agile is the new demand. So, it is quite essential that the Test Management Tool you choose offers support for agile methodology. In an agile platform, the needs are changeable and are incrementally completed. Your Test Management Tool must support such type of requirements.

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3. Integrates With The Bug Tracking Tools

You should ensure that the Test Management Tool you choose offers integration with the widely used bug detecting tools such as Bugzilla, Jira, FogBugz, etc. for efficiently managing and reporting the potential issues. With integration of the bug detecting tools, you can obtain a holistic picture of your test cases along with their respective error status at a single place.

This can in turn help in the faster resolution of the issues. Moreover, if your Test Management Tool provides integration with the bug detecting tools, you will be able to demonstrate consistent feedback mechanism as well as improve end-to-end tests.

4. Imparts Collaborative And Scalability Abilities

Collaborative abilities imply that the Test Management Tool that you choose must be accessible easily to each of the stakeholders who are working at a specific test project to assist your DevOps initiatives. For that, your Test Management Tool should be available centrally through the cloud servers to build an atmosphere that lets the disparate teams form collaboration and easily communicate about the test projects.

If your chosen Test Management Tool offers scalability on the Cloud, the testing team will also be able to access the test assets like important reports and task-critical information including test data and test metrics which further facilitate effective management of the team as well as individual tasks.

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5. Supports Modular And Reusable Test Cases

This is one of the essential features to keep in mind when choosing an effective Test Management Tool. Make sure that the Test Management Tool you opt to invest in imparts modularity and reusability in the test cases, user scenarios, and test stories. This will allow the existing test resources to be utilized again and again in various test projects. This will help in significantly reducing the cost and time invested in test management, thereby aiding the testing teams to become more productive.

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6. Provides Security

Security always comes as the priority. The Test Management Tool that you choose should offer enterprise-level security to assist you in protecting the valuable test assets as well as the important data related to the test projects. If your Test Management Tool offers high security, you will be able to distribute the test data confidently with no worries about misuse or unauthorized access.

Hence, it is quite essential that the Test Management Tool that you invest in meets all your security requirements to protect and safeguard your important test projects all the time.

Always be conscious and alert while choosing a Test Management Tool for your organization. If you are confused, just make sure that your Test Management Tool has got all the features mentioned above. Do not just pick up a tool because it is cheap. Remember even all expensive tools are not efficient. Hence, the only suggestion here can be- perform some basic research.

Plan and fix your capital and then shortlist the Test Management tools based on the same. Finally, consider investing in the tool that offers the maximum functionalities and is best in quality.

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