KiwiQA Announces Partnership With Testsigma To Help Digital Businesses Ship Quality Products At Scale

KiwiQA Announces Partnership With Testsigma
08Aug, 2022

In today’s dynamic business environment, digital businesses are under constant pressure to ship products & features at breakneck speeds. This requirement can only be achieved by one upping the competition. This is where Faster developer feedback, Continuous Integration & Deployment, Faster TTM (Time to Market), and such other requirements become extremely essential for technology-led digital businesses.

Software testing that can harness the potential of emerging technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), etc. can aid software businesses test code and ship features at a faster pace. Without a doubt, test automation in software testing has become the need of the hour. Automated software testing catalysed with CI/CD enables technology businesses to reduce bug-inflow and gain customer confidence.

The idea of achieving goals sounds exciting, but it also requires the collaboration of great minds and resources to bring things together. Testsigma (leading open-source, AI-Driven Test Automation platform) and KiwiQA (experienced global testing services provider) have joined hands to help their customers ship well-tested top-quality software products at scale. 

With highly efficient AI Testing solutions, companies can ramp up their release cycle and seamlessly set higher targets. The teams at Testsigma and KiwiQA are equipped with complimentary skill sets, a powerful combination that will help their customers in the long run. 

Companies like ours thrive on having good partners, and in search of the right partner, we came across KiwiQA where we both complement each other in every possible way. Really excited to onboard KiwiQA as a partner and looking forward to a bigger collaboration in the coming times.

– Rukmangada Kandyala – Founder & CEO – Testsigma

This partnership will bring the focus on the software product quality and success of our KiwiQA Customers.

– Niranjan Limbachiya – Founder & CEO – KiwiQA

This win-win partnership will provide Testsigma and KiwiQA an enterprising opportunity to leverage each other’s technical expertise. This, in turn, will help their customers on all the aspects related to software testing and test automation.

About KiwiQA Services

KiwiQA is a leading software testing Services Company that offers a comprehensive set of independent software testing services to global clientele in an exceptionally efficacious manner.

It strives to offer the best and most cost-efficient services to clients in a time-bound manner. It has offices in Australia, UK, Canada, and India. More details about KiwiQA are available at

About Testsigma

Testsigma is an open-source, low-code, extendable test automation platform that works out of the box to enable everyone in the team to rapidly develop, execute, and analyse end-to-end tests for web and mobile apps, and APIs in plain English. So far, it has raised $4.6 million in VC funding from global marquee investors. More details about Testsigma are available at

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