KiwiQA Services Recognized As a Leading QA & Software Testing Company by VendorLand

29Feb, 2024

VendorLand is the leading research business that helps clients make the right decision to choose the ideal IT Vendor for their project. The platform is represented as the global voice for the tech industry since it ranks IT business after the deep market analysis & professional trends, and innovation system. The platform delivers deep market analysis on innovations, challenges, and trends.

VendorLand conducts independent research & rankings of the IT industry by generating insightful brief market analyses on trends & innovations. The platform aims to deliver a significant & unbiased assessment. It helps businesses to confidently select their IT partners who can meet their expectations of quality & commitment. Recently, it released the 2024 rankings list for the leading QA & software testing company, where Kiwi QA Services ranked second.

KiwiQA is the trusted software & QA testing service provider agency in the UK that delivers world-class IT services to private and global organizations. KiwiQA is a trusted name in the industry since it has expertise in testing multiple software solutions. All across the globe, multiple companies from different industries have received services from them and appreciate the professional & experienced approach they made to complete their project. To know more about the KiwiQA services & their background, read this post.

About KiwiQA Services

KiwiQA is ranked in the top 20 QA & Software testing companies by VendorLand because of its experienced team & IT professionals who help to build better systems based on the requirements of end-users. VendorLand selects companies after the meticulous assessment of multiple criteria, which are client reviews, technical proficiency, & innovation.

Before ranking any company VendorLand, assess the deep research about the technical abilities of companies, their tools & methodologies that are employed for the QA & Software testing. They also go through client reviews to evaluate the satisfaction level of clients and recognize the approaches an IT company performs in the software testing environment. KiwiQA achieved the top position after passing all the criteria mentioned above!

The name KiwiQA came to the mind of the owner by considering the characteristics of the fruit kiwi. It is the only fruit that contains all the necessary vitamins & minerals that are essential for the human body. So, the company also aims to infuse all the necessary elements into the software to validate every quality assurance aspect.

KiwiQA’s Excellence in QA & Software Testing

KiwiQA has wide expertise in the field of manual, advanced & automated testing technologies. The company delivers a wide array of software testing services that include load testing, automation testing, performance testing, Cloud-based testing & Selenium testing, and security testing services. The services they deliver are beyond comparison!

Every employee of KiwiQA is equipped with expert knowledge and tools to fulfill the necessary process. The company also motivated its employees to grasp advanced technologies and trends so that they could ensure that their clients delivered advanced outcomes. The company leverages itself with a variety of testing tools to track even the smallest bugs!

The innovative solutions and technologies employed by KiwiQA are K-FAST, K-SPARC, and K-ASSIST. Based on your project requirements, the team recommends the necessary frameworks to utilize & deliver the execution summary reports. By utilizing innovative, driven solutions, the KiwiQA team minimizes the cost by ensuring quality improvement.

Contributing Factors to KiwiQA’s Recognition

KiwiQA is known for delivering an outstanding range of testing services. KiwiQA is working with a global clientele of all sizes & levels of business. This platform is different from any other QA service provider in terms of experience, advanced testing tools, flexible frameworks, etc.

The KiwiQA team indulges in finding minor anomalies in the software. The company has unique abilities and ensures the best practices to deliver visibility & hands-on approach. The team collaborates with the clients continuously to deliver outstanding results in faster & cost-efficient ways.

Impact of Recognition on KiwiQA

As the trusted & leading partner of the QA software testing industry, KiwiQA showcases its commitment to security, privacy & quality. The company has specialization in Adobe Experience Manager, Salesforce, and Microsoft D365 testing. The company offers consulting, digital assurance & core testing methodologies to guarantee the integrity of salesforce solutions. The company is paving the world of IT & recognized by the quality industry leaders.

Celebrating Excellence: KiwiQA’s Recognition as Industry Leaders

The company has the certification of ISO 27001, ISO 27701 & ISO 9001:2015, which signifies the dedication and quality they delivered by maintaining the privacy standards. Clients working with this company have shared positive responses that show the highest quality approach! Thanks to the whole team of KiwiQA, who are equally contributing to achieving this position in the IT world. Till now, the company has completed thousands of projects from their end by maintaining integrity and considering the client’s needs.

KiwiQA’s Recognition: A Testament to Dedication and Quality

Being the leading provider of QA & Software testing services, KiwiQA has been earning a wide amount of recognition in the market. If you are running a business and soon you are thinking of launching a software system, you should also consider the importance of software assurance testing & Quality Assurance. It ensures businesses receive the highest quality software products.

It is essential for the reputation of any business & also ensures client satisfaction. The importance of assuring the software quality can’t be overestimated. It’s a necessary step every business must perform before releasing their software product. To start your software testing journey, contact the KiwiQA experts now!

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