Things To Keep In Mind While Testing Mobile Game

Things To Keep In Mind While Testing Mobile Game
28Dec, 2018

Testing mobile games are far different in comparison to testing mobile applications. An effective mobile game testing requires a systematic and well-organized approach. The simplest testing process involves bug identification and removal.

However, businesses must aim for a high-yielding result-driven method that maximizes test automation in the overall game development process. That being said, it is important to know and understand the six most essential assets to keep in mind while testing mobile game.

Six Major Assets in Mobile Game Testing

1. Graphics Performance

A good mobile game should be capable of running consistently on all kinds of devices. For ensuring this characteristic, test your game using various real devices. Create long-lasting tests for observing the time duration for which the battery lasts. Use load/stress tests for making sure that your game can run for a significant duration with a heavy load.

2. Multi-User Feature

The multi-user feature is very basic and common in almost all the mobile games today. All the players of this generation appreciate this feature. You need to carry out various testing process to check synchronization and connectivity for a good multi-user experience.

3. UI & Other Basic Functionalities

You need to be very sure about the UI and other basic functionalities of your mobile game. Various UI components including the UI layouts, menu structure, and screen resolution need to undergo a thorough testing process.

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4. Performance And User Convenience

You require executing an efficient testing operation to strengthen user convenience and the performance of your mobile game. Testing with real devices can benefit from the improved user experience.

5. Security

Using open source elements is highly accepted in the process of game development. However, it is essential to identify the possible risks and vulnerabilities.

6. Social Integrations

Social media integration is essential for all mobile games. Your game should provide users with the provision to share and manage them across all the social media platforms. Therefore make it a point to test your mobile game thoroughly concerning the Android and iOS devices.

Remember these six basic assets to carry out a well-structured and well-modulated mobile game testing. Testing by these assets will help you deliver a quality rich mobile game with user propelling characteristics. This will enable easy and quick marketing of your game ensuring increased productivity.

Moreover, having these assets in your mobile app can build a good and highly interactive platform for the gamers giving them a rich user experience. This will build a sense of credibility and trust in their mind for your work and your gaming business firm.

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