Top Website Speed Testing Tools To Use In 2020

Top Free Website Speed Testing Tools To Use In 2020
10Jan, 2020

The importance of good speed for a website cannot be undermined. Not only speed helps in attracting more visitors to your website, but it also helps in acquiring better rankings on Google. As websites that load faster reduce bounce rates, encourages more engagement, and provides the better user experience, monitoring speed becomes all the more important. The website speed test tools analyze the important aspects of website speed, thereby helping you to enhance the speed of the web pages.

Some of the best website speed test tools you should use in 2020 are:

1. GTmetrix

GTmetrix is one of the top website speed test tools that provides you a detailed report about the speed and performance of your webpage. By summarizing the key performance indicators and monitoring the website performance, it helps in offering you recommendations to enhance the speed. With GTmetrix, you can even check your website performance on different devices as well as browsers.

2. Pingdom

Identifying the performance bottlenecks of your website becomes easy with Pingdom. It allows you to take note of what’s fast and what’s slow about your website. By analyzing all the important elements of every single page of your website, it helps you to identify the best practices that will help in improving the speed of your website.

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3. SpeedCurve

SpeedCurve is another popular online tool that measures the performance as well as the design of your website. Decoding the performance issues of the webpages becomes simple with this application. By helping you to enhance the website performance, it helps in reducing the bounce rates and attracting more visitors to your website.

4. WebPagetest

One of the most popular webpage performance measuring tools is WebPagetest. With advanced testing, it helps in running the web performance tests from different locations on different browsers. Through helpful checks, it provides you with valuable information to improve the user experience of your website.

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5. KeyCDN

When it comes to providing an accurate report in real-time, then KeyCDN is the best option. It is a tool that helps in analyzing the performance of your website and identifying the potential connectivity issues. Configuring the tool as per your specification is pretty simple and easy. It also helps in preventing unauthorized actions and attacks.

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6. DareBoost

DareBoost helps in analyzing and optimizing the performance of your website. With plenty of optimizing tips, it aids in minimizing the loading time and enhancing the quality of your website. With continuous analysis, it helps in detecting the potential loading issues. It also enables you to compare the speed of your website with your competitors to help you find ways to stay ahead.

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7. Uptrends

Controlling the performance, functionality, as well as the uptime of your website, becomes easy with uptrends. By easily identifying the performance issues of your website, it helps in improving the website speed. The tool is also effective in monitoring the multi-step transactions to ensure better success for you.

With the top website speed test tool, you can monitor the website speed, and putting the valuable suggestions into use will help you in enhancing your website speed for optimum success.

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