Big Data Testing – What benefits It can Offer To Your Enterprise?

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24Jan, 2018

An Overview

Today, data has become the most significant asset for any organization and thus, it’s very difficult for the companies and firms to survive viably without the data and right data analysis techniques. Big Data, which is collected from multiple sources is capable of revealing valuable information, and that’s why, every organization is keen to deploy the right techniques to collect, store, analyse and test Big Data.

With the emergence of the cloud platforms, social media and mobile tools, the data that organizations can collect is too voluminous. Being a colossal in size and unstructured in nature, its difficult to carry out manual testing on Big Data.

The Necessity for Big Data Testing

High-quality analysis of data has become one of the top-notch priorities of business organizations, it’s important that the big data being used by them to derive resourceful insights are well tested and validated. If the big data is not tested for quality, it may not be able to deliver the information that can aid an organization and support decision making. That’s why proper testing of big data is mandatory.

Big Data Testing

Big Data testing is completely different from the other methodologies of testing, which are used for validating the software and applications. The primary goals of Big Data testing include:

  • Verifying the completeness of data
  • Ensuring the data quality
  • Ensuring data transformation
  • Automation of regression testing

In order for a tool to be efficient in Big Data testing, it must be able to determine which data is bad and must be able to provide a holistic view of the health of the entire data. It must also be able to ensure that the data which has been extracted from various sources remains intact in the target.

Benefits of Big Data Testing

Following are the four biggest benefits of leveraging the Big Data testing for your data:

Accuracy of Data

A large percentage of the data collected under the tag of “Big Data” is unstructured because it comes from machines and many other such sources. High-quality analysis of this data can facilitate intelligent insights which are usually very difficult to glean from the conventional BI tools and data warehousing facilities. Only, high-end analysis methodologies can be applied to such data for deriving resourceful insights, and if this data is not accurate. All the efforts would go in vain. The Big Data testing helps in validating the accuracy of data and aids to evaluate that whether it would be beneficial to go ahead with the data analysis or not.

Minimal Losses and Augmentation of Revenue

As per Gartner, every year businesses lose up to $100 million globally because of the poor quality of data. The high-end Big Data testing methodologies help in evaluating the quality of data and validate that whether it would be wise to go ahead with the analysis of the data. These testing tools help in differentiating the valuable data from the heap of the useless Big Data (structured, semi-structured and unstructured), thereby, minimizing the losses.

Insightful Business Decisions

With Big Data testing, one can differentiate between useful and useless Big Data. While useful Big Data can enhance the effectiveness of the decision-making process and help the managers make better decisions, the useless Big Data can impact the decisions and lead to losses. That’s why, implementation of the right, robust and immaculate Big Data testing strategies is very important.

Improved Business Strategizing

These days, every business organization, whether small or big is keen to gain the benefits which Big Data can offer, and with the advancement of the technologies, it has become much easier for businesses to collect huge amounts of data from multiple online and offline sources. This data can be leveraged to deliver a personalised experience to the customers, deploy predictive behavioural targeting and enhance their loyalty. But, to achieve this, it’s imperative that the Big Data which a business is planning to use is well tested.

These benefits certainly accentuate the fact that today, the reliable Big Data testing services are among the top requirements of every firm.

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